Best Summer Destinations in Turkey | 6 Cities For Holiday

Best Summer Destinations in Turkey | 6 Cities For Holiday

Turkey which is surrounded by seas on three sides, is preferred by millions of tourists every year. Which cities can you go to for a good summer holiday in Turkey, which has a high tourism capacity with its bays, historical heritage, natural beauty and marine tourism areas? Where are the best summer destinations in Turkey? Where can we swim without moss touching our feet or jellyfish hitting our faces?

Before sorting the places for summer holidays in Turkey, I should also note that Turkey is a geography that can be preferred not only for sea tourism in summer, but also for cultural tourism from the easternmost to the westernmost. At each step, it is possible to come across the traces and historical heritage of another culture. Therefore, besides the coastal cities or marine tourism centers, it is important not to forget the historical centers such as Cappadocia, Hasankeyf and Hattusha located in the inland regions. But the subject of this article is the sea holiday. Here are the 6 best cities for sea holidays in Turkey!

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Best Summer Destinations in Turkey


Mugla, which includes the primary tourist areas of Turkey such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Dalaman, Gocek, Fethiye, Dalyan, Datca, Koycegiz, may have the title of the province that welcomes the most tourists in the country. Mugla, which is one of the places to visit on an average Aegean tour, has hundreds of tourist facilities, natural areas, historical areas,  bays and beaches. From the point of view of sea tourism in Turkey, Mugla has the first places that come to mind with Antalya. Among the places to have a summer holiday in Turkey, you can enjoy in green areas as well as sea tourism in Mugla, which is home to the most beautiful bays. 

If you visit Mugla, be sure you have few extra days for sailing. There are quite lovely bays to swim and enjoy nature. Scuba diving is another must do thing in this area.


Antalya, which has the capacity to compete with any European capital in the summer, can also be described as a paradise of hotels because it has the widest available coastline in the country. Starting with Fethiye, the entire coast from Muğla province border to Mersin province border is used as a tourist area in the current conditions. Antalya is considered one of the largest tourism centers in the world. It is also quite famous for its climbing gardens and woodlands. 

I used to visit Antalya for summer holidays, spend my entire week in a 5-star-hotel, never travel around. I had no idea that Antalya has lots of ancient cities including but not limited to Patara, Olimpos, Aspendos; lots of natural destinations such as Lykian Road.

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Izmir is one of the most beautiful places in the Aegean for summer holidays. Because it is metropolitan, it can be mentioned that there are more local tourists than foreign tourists in the center but the number of local and foreign tourists on the coastline probably competes with each other. You can have an exorbitantly priced summer holiday in some holiday centers which have a lot of tourists such as Alacati, Cesme, Foca. At the same time, you can enjoy nature with suitable budgets in areas such as Seferihisar, Mordogan, Birgi, Karaburun.

Seferihisar, Mordogan, Birgi and Karaburun are also suitable for camping. There are lots of camping grounds and facilities that you can enjoy nature.

Best Summer Destinations in Turkey


Located in Aydin, next to Izmir, Kusadasi and Didim welcome tourists from almost all over the world with their unique sandy beaches and bays. Didim, which has the cleanest air in the world, is also home to a great history. The Apollo Tapinagi (Temple of Apollo) located in the center, the Miletus Antik Kenti (Ancient City of Miletus) in the Balat Koyu (Village of Balat) and the Priene Antik Kenti (Ancient City of Priene) located in Soke are some of the historical heritages worth seeing that has survived from ancient times to the present day. Kusadasi has a very dense population due to its long beaches and being a center where cruise ships are also anchored. Especially in the region, Dilek Yarimadasi Milli Parki (Dilek Peninsula National Park) is home to huge bays that admire its visitors with its glass-like sea. 

I highly recommend you to visit Didim and see Ancient City of Miletus. Other places like Apollon and beaches also worth seeing but this where I left my heart at… Dilek Peninsula is another place I highly recommend you to visit if you go to Kusadasi.

Best Summer Destinations in Turkey


Although sea tourism in Balıkesir, which also includes the Kaz Mountains, is observed at a slightly lower frequency than in the south, it is possible to encounter the most unique presentation of nature in the region that spreads around the Kaz Mountains. Despite its colder water than Antalya, the cleanliness of its seas has often made the region a preferred summer holiday destination. Besides the Kaz mountains, Ayvalik, Akcay, Sarimsakli and Cunda Island are the regions that make a very pleasant holiday possible. 

Best Summer Destinations in Turkey


Canakkale, which stands out with its cultural heritage as well as summer holidays, is undoubtedly one of the must-see provinces and best summer destinations in Turkey no doubt. Assos, which stands out with its enormous sea for summer holidays; Bozcaada, which is known for its beautiful bays and vineyards, Gokceada, which stands out with its serenity, are also among the first places to make a summer holiday in Turkey.

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These places are the places where I visited and loved the most. There are still plenty of cities which have a potential to give you the best holiday ever.

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