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<span lang="NL">Camping is one of the most relaxing activities in the world. It is very useful both for the body and for the mind. </span>Here you can find general camping ideas and tips. <span lang="NL">Get Rid of Stress By Camping</span> <span lang="NL">If you feel your soul is trapped in a desk job in a plaza, You can rid of stress that you get through by running to the weekend campings. You may think that you do not have time for this in the urban life's rush. so, what if I will tell you that there are near camping areas which are also close to İstanbul? It is not hard that much, as it expected,  to have relaxing camping experiences with low budgets. You can go camping by refreshing your soul in the weekend and at the end of the weekend, you can go back to your home easily.</span><span lang="NL"> </span> Camping in nature is also a very good way to spend quality time with friends and family. <span lang="NL">Camp Locations Near Istanbul</span> <span lang="NL">If you are living in Istanbul there are so many places to camp near. Prepare your camping bag and put it somewhere close to the door right now. You are going to camping this weekend. Because I am sure that you can’t resist the camp locations that described here.  From Yalova to Düzce, Sakarya, Iznik, Zonguldak, there are articles about beautiful, intertwined with nature, camp locations. If you want to explore these places where you can be alone with nature too, read the articles.</span> Explore nature and use general camping tips to make sure you enjoy your camping activity!

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    Sleep Comfortably While Camping

    No matter what your purpose of camping is, camping may tire your body although it lets your mind rest. Even if you don’t do anything else, you’re making effort more than your normal while installing your tent, inflating your mat, tidying your place up or chopping wood. Considering also the fresh air, feeling tired is inevitable. No matter if you’re…

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    Tips for sleeping well in a hammock

    The hammock is unfortunately not a well-known equipment in my country. It is not usually thought that it could be used instead of camping tent for sleeping. Because hammock is mostly considered as a pleasure. But let’s not be unfair, the hammock usage becomes popular in recent years even if it accelarates gently. Today, it is a fact that swinging…

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