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Welcome to the other travelers page! Travelling is a dream for all of us. If you go to the closest street and ask to a random person as "What is your dream", I  am pretty sure that the answer would be "Traveling the world". But why only few people have a chance to make their dreams come true?  I talk to the travelers and ask them what they're doing different than others to answer that question. There are so many things that they tell. In this part of my web page,  you may find the stories of my local and foreign friends who love to travel the world and full-time travelers. Thus, I am collecting different experiences and perspectives in one place. Traveling is a journey. Everyone can make it with their opportunities and their desire. If we can see that people who travelled the same places have different experiences. There are so many thing to learn. There are so many stories to share. Because of this, there are so many different things to learn. All stories worths to be told. Other Travelers On this page, while we are getting know people who travels the different places with their different methods according to their act of minds, on the other side, we will have benefits from their knowledge and we will learn the truths about how to finance.  Send me your mails about the travelers you wonder and what you want to ask to them, then we will ask them question.

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