General tips

Traveling around the world, seeing unexplored places and getting know different kinds of cultures are everyone’s dream. And the tours’ productivity is quite related to the right choices. Here you may find general tips for your travels. There are so many important details that needed to be careful about while choosing the travel destination, accommodation, transportation and etc. Where do you want to go? How long are you planning to travel? How much is your budget? Which transportation are you willing to use? Where are you planning to stay? Are you going to travel by bike, bus, camper or hitchhiking... Needs are also important during a tour. What will you need as a gear or equipment? Another important thing is climate. For instance if you travel to a country which has tropic climate then you will probably need a basic summer clothes which don't need to have resistant for extreme climates. About my travels First, I made an Asia tour by bike involving Turkey, Iran, India, Thailand, Malaysia and it lasted for 11 months. Through my tour, I found a chance to create an extensive travel guide and to know more detailed informations about their life and Country’s cultures by staying in Turkey for 1 month, in Iran for 3 months, in India for 5 months and in Thailand where I worked as an English teacher. Still, I am trying to create short trips to the near countries. General Tips Here, you can read everything about my accommodation tips, experiences, what I had been through and how I deal with problems.