Building a van

Vanlife is a dream for most of the travelers and road lovers. A van is more than a car for these people. It is a ride, a place where you spend time with loved ones, a home with full access to the nature in needed. On 2019 we bought Volkswagen T5 Transporter and we built a camper van by our own! Building a van was one of the greatest things I've ever done. Here, I share all the process, used materials during this conversion, useful tips and ideas related to vanlife and van conversion. Everything About The Building A Van Process In order to answer all questions in mind I am sharing all process both on this page and my YouTube channel. If you wonder the conversion process or the building a van process and if you want to support me, you may follow me on Instagram, @melkeontheroad and on Youtube, channel name is Melke On The Road. In order to be informed about my vanlife diaries that I posted, you can subscribe my blog too. About my travels I started touring adventure by quitting  from my job on October ’16. First, I made an Asia tour by bicycle involving Turkey, Iran, India, Thailand, Malaysia and it lasted for 11 months. The next dream was building a van! Now I am living the vanlife and gaining experiences. Besides traveling While I am traveling I keep producing contents and sharing my adventures on social media platforms. I am also a nature lover who likes to camp, sleep in a hammock and be in touch with animals. Traveling to my own world’s unknown places is another important journey that I am working on. On this blog you may find information related to van conversion process and useful travel tips.

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