Ticket To The Moon Hammock Review

Ticket To The Moon Hammock Review

As an hammock lover who thinks hammocking is more important than music for the soul, I take my time to try all the hammocks I can find. I will be working on spreading the culture as much as possible because the time spent without hammock is the waste of time I say. On this article I will be telling you about one of my dream hammocks- hammocks of Ticket To The Moon brand! Here we go!

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The Story of Ticket To The Moon

There is a story that shows us Ticket To The Moon is more than just an ordinary hammock brand. According to story on their web page, as a child, TTTM’s founder, Charly, developed a deep love for hammocks. That deep love brought him to find the best! During his trip to India, Charly bought polyester fabric, tied both ends to trees, in order to tinker a hammock. Living the ‘hippy life’ in the West of India, he joined up with other backpackers and created the hammock camping.

While visiting Bali, Charly discovers a fantastic new fabric: parachute nylon. Soon he starts his quest for the ultimate hammock: one that is easy to bring along, lightweight and quick to pitch. It is in this spirit that the TTTM Parachute Hammock is born.

Charly’s revolutionary new hammock design, using breathable, elastic, anti-mildew and resistant material available in vibrant colors, is an instant success. Charly starts selling his product at music festivals, fairs and street markets all over Europe. After a great initial success at many European music festivals, Charly realizes that his hammock could be something more than just a way to cover the costs of his travels… Ticket To The Moon becomes a registered trademark and opens its first shop in Bali and the story comes till our day.

 “We are manufacturers of feel-good products for dreamers worldwide!”

Ticket To The Moon Hammock Specifications

ticket to the moon hamak

Hammock Size

TTTM camping hammock is available in sizes Mini, Single, Double, King Size, Perfect or as the extra large TTTM Mammock sizes. You can choose which size you would like to have.

Single Hammock

There are six sizes but the size I have is the single one. Well, it is a single hammock by name but the size and maximum load allows you to invite someone to have this dream too.

Weight: 500 g / 17.6oz (Ropes not included)

Size: 320 x 155 cm / 10.5 x 5.1 ft (hook to hook)

Maximum load: 200 kg / 440 lbs


  • High grade parachute nylon silk
  • Skin friendly Oeko-Tex Standard 100
  • Breathable & elastic
  • Triple stitching
  • Washable at 30 C

Customize Your Hammock

TTTM allows you to choose size, colors and accessories. There are more than a thousand color combinations available which lets you find the hammock fits you the best! After choosing your size and color you can choose extras such as the hammock sleeve, carabiner, rope or moon strap which are sold additionally.


ticket to the moon hamak

S Hooks and Carabiner

TTTM gives you two options to attach the hammock to the suspension: Carabiners or S hooks. All TTTM hammock come with standard S hooks. You can upgrade to carabiner when you are customizing your hammock.

S hooks are lighter and smaller than carabiners but carabiners are more practical and more reliable to handle supreme strength. Carabiners can withstand even the roughest climate and hold up to 4850 lbs. It doesn’t mean that s hooks are weak. No! They are also pretty reliable. But the carabiners—you know, they have meant to handle supreme strength. Those things are used while climbing to the high rocks or high buildings so they need to hold up to this much weight.

Moonrope and Moonstrap

Hammocks are equipped with two kinds of suspension, ropes and tree straps. Rope is what we have been using to strap the hammock to the tree for decades but long story short ropes damage the trees so don’t use it on trees if you have another option. Besides, rope is a perfect choice for indoor hanging.

Moonstraps are the best choices for trees! It is wide and safe for the trees. They were made with Leave No Trace and eco-tourism philosophy. The Moonstrap can easily withstand 200 kg static load—which means you, your partner, and your dog can lounge comfortably. It is also very easy to attach the hammock using Moonstraps. With nine attachment loops sewn along the straps, you gonna have a very quick installation.


Moonstraps, carabiners, hammock tarps, hammock nets, hammock sleeves, mosquito nets, moonquilts are also available at the web page!


ticket to the moon hamak

Hammock comes standard with the express setting bag (the red one). This bag gives you the possibility of setting up the hammock really fast. This bag can also be removed and used as a pillow. You will still find an additional pouch (the blue one ) attached on the side of the hammock which can also be used as a pocket or storage.


Ticket to the Moon products carry a 10 years warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. Defective or damaged products should be returned to the factory for evaluation and will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. 
Warranty issues are settled by replacement or exchange, no credits or refunds.

Setting Up Ticket To The Moon Hammock

I can honestly say that this is the fastest, strongest and most comfortable hammock I’ve ever used! It just takes only 1 minutes to set up the hammock after finding the right place. The remaining time is there for you to enjoy and relax! Watch the set up video to see how fast it is!

(English subtitle is available)

How To Buy

In order to buy Ticket To The Moon hammock you may follow the link here and start customizing your hammock! To get a discount don’t forget to use MELKE coupon code. Luckly, shipping worldwide is available.

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  • Francis Bernhard
    1 August 2019, 00:05

    Hi melke, thanks for sharing this. I have been looking for a cool hammock for ages and ticket to the Moon has been recommended a few times now. I will go for it!

    • Melke@Francis Bernhard
      1 August 2019, 11:55

      Hi there Francis, thanks for your comment. I have used so many hammock and I honestly feel like Ticket To The Moon is the hammock of my dreams. 🙂 Especially if you are interested in hammock camping and highline activities it is the best option. Have fun with TTTM hammock:)


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