What is Airbnb and how Airbnb works?

What is Airbnb and how Airbnb works?

Airbnb is a very functional paid house and room renting app for travelers. It means, unlike its counterparts that provides accommodation for free, such as Couchsurfing and Warmshowers, you need to pay for your accommodation which you arranged by using Airbnb. Likely, those who want to stay in your house have to pay you amount of money too. That way, you can earn money easily just by renting out your house with Airbnb. Here is some information about how Airbnb works . I answered frequently asked questions about the Airbnb, house renting app.

What are the options that Airbnb offers? How Airbnb works ?

Airbnb is an app that is usually used for renting house/room on a daily basis. But nowadays, most of the hotels may provide service with Airbnb. What Airbnb offers depends on the host. Some of the hosts may rent out their whole house, while some of them may only rent out one room. Some houses may acquire options such as private room, private bathroom etc. and some of them may have shared rooms. Likewise, some of the hosts provide catering while others don’t. To conclude, the services you will get from renting which you arranged by using Airbnb differs among the hosts.

Ease of use for the people who don’t know English

It is possible for you to rent a house even if you don’t know English. Because the website can also be used in more than 50 languages! Users can easily translate the contents, which means the statements that you write in your own language can easily be understood by foreigners. Moreover, translation also involves messages. For example, when someone writes you in Russian, you can translate that message into Turkish with just one click. Likely, the one whom you are messaging can easily translate the messages you send into their native language.

Since there is no translation system that works like this in face to face social interactions, learning a few sentences may be beneficial for you to communicate easily and improve your foreign language.

What are the advantages of renting a house or room with Airbnb?

If you are asking “Why would I stay someone else’s house with Airbnb instead of a hotel?”, I can say that you have a point. Obviously, it is normal to prefer the hotel if you are paying for it. But with Airbnb, you can find better places with much more reasonable prices. Also, the price that you pay for a night at a hotel is same for every night. The biggest advantage of Airbnb is that it offers affordable accommodation by renting the house of local people. Because there is usually discount for weekly and monthly renting, it would be more advantageous especially if you are planning to stay for a long time. Instead of dealing with paper work, you can easily rent a place with Airbnb.

Moreover, you can easily communicate with the local people and gain tips and information which you may not be able to find in the Internet about the area by using Airbnb. This way your travels may become more qualified and unique.

Also, you can improve your foreign language by speaking in English or the language of the country which you are going.

Is Airbnb safe?

To begin with, nothing is fully safe. People may encounter problems with the systems even if they are told to be the safest. Safety that we are talking about depends on your vigilance and the precautions that system takes. There are people who rent out their houses with Airbnb and got their belongings stolen but there are also people who have been using the same renting app without encountering any problem. But to compare, the number of the bad events is relatively less.

To protect their users, Airbnb requires confirmation of the e-mail address, phone number, address and the legal documents such as identity card, passport and driving licence of the person who becomes a member of the Airbnb as host or visitor. It is up to you to prefer the confirmation of all the documents or some parts when you are accepting guests. That means you can accept either the guests whose only e-mail address and phone number are confirmed or the guests who get their whole documents confirmed.

How do I recover my potential loss?

If you wish, you can decide the cost of the deposit for the renting as a host.  In case of any damage, your deposit will be paid within the 14 days after the guest’s check-out if you submit your request.

Apart from that, there are security policies that Airbnb implements which are called “Host Guarantee” and “Host Protection Insurance”. The Host Guarantee is arranged to protect the hosts against any damage that comes to their belongings or the unit in case of the rare situations which guest cause damage to the house. Host Protection Insurance, on the other hand, is formed to protect the hosts in the event of any third-party claims of bodily injury and property damage and it covers the damage in the common areas which are outside of the listing.

In addition, there is no policy that Airbnb implements in case of the loss of your valuables in the house. These kinds of belongings’ protection is your responsibility. Hope this post helps you to understand how airbnb works and earn money by renting out your house.

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