This time we are in Romania which is one of the most beautiful Soviet regime’s country in the southeast Europe. Do the names of Transylvania, Bran Castle and Dracula remind you something? Yes? Romania is where you can find these famous places!

Romania is a southeastern European country well known for the forested region of Transylvania. Its preserved medieval towns and there are many churches and castles as well. The capital Bucharest, is the site of the Communist-era
Hitchhike Tour in this nice country

This lovely fairy country has a big importance for me because my first hitchhike adventure started in this country years ago. If I did not give up in my first experience and kept going,  it was because of this country’s good people. In my opinion, people’s sincerity was quite impressive. My way crossed these people’s path many times when I had been in Romania.

Communist structure for beginners

Romania will be engraved in your memories not only with its scarry buildings that left from Soviet time but also with its old town’s beauty and its huge parks.

Wish a good trip!