• Çadır Seçerken Dikkat Edilmesi Gerekenler Tips to buy a camping tent
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    Tips to buy a camping tent

    Depending on the seasonal conditions of where you want to use your tent and your preferences, there are lots of different tents you can find in the market. The idea of “Let me buy a cheap one. After all it’s just a tent.” is as wrong as the idea of “Now that I need one, let me buy the best…

  • Çadırda sıcak kalmak stay warm in a tent
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    Stay warm in a tent while camping

    Especially tent campings and winter activities, where temperature decraeses much during the night, can become scary even for camping lovers. Without the proper equipment, winter camps can go very painful. Likewise, with the misuse of right equipment, even summer camps might turn into a nightmare. In this case choosing the right tent, right sleeping bag and right mat is really…

  • çadırda kalmaktan korkuyorum Camping fears
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    Camping fears and the ways to overcome them

    Tent accommodation is one of the types of accommodation where your comfort area is restricted. Staying in a tent is a passion for some, and a low-budget horror film for others. I wanted to prepare a post for those who are afraid of staying in the tent and I did a survey on instagram. I found out why people are…

  • kampta rahat uyumak
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    Sleep Comfortably While Camping

    No matter what your purpose of camping is, camping may tire your body although it lets your mind rest. Even if you don’t do anything else, you’re making effort more than your normal while installing your tent, inflating your mat, tidying your place up or chopping wood. Considering also the fresh air, feeling tired is inevitable. No matter if you’re…

  • India

    Mumbai travel guide :What to do in Mumbai?

    This article should be about the beautiful capital of India! But it is more about our first meet. Mumbai travel guide tittle may sound as if I had a great time from beginning to end. But unfortunately, my arrival at Mumbai wasn’t very pleasant. Me and my friends landed on the country, got off the plane. Informed about that everything I have…

  • Hindistan'da başınıza gelebilecek
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    Funny things that can only happen in India

    If you have always heard negative things about India, just have a look at funny things that can only happen in India. These things will change your mind and prove that how sympathetic India actually is. I am not sure what you read will convince you to go to India, but if you have a small thought as “Should I…

  • Malaysia

    Artworks in George Town, Penang Island

    In order to go to Penang Island, I came to Hat Yai from Bangkok by hitchiking. From here, again by hitchhiking, I went to Malaysia through Sadao Border Gate. Actually, there is a train that shuttles on this route. That train goes from Bangkok to Pedang Besar station in Malaysia. The price of this 12-hour travel that has only wagon-lit…