Campsites Near Istanbul | Camping Grounds Around Istanbul

Campsites Near Istanbul | Camping Grounds Around Istanbul

If you like camping and are looking forward to getting away from Istanbul, you are in the right place. You can find the place you are looking for in the list of campsites near Istanbul, where you can choose to camp, and you can take the opportunity to camp in a pleasant place without going for hours. Don’t forget to write in the comments if there are places you want to add to the list of campsites near Istanbul that I have prepared for you.

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İğneada Floodplain Forest, Kırklareli

There is no doubt that you will admire this natural wonder area, which is about three and a half hours from Istanbul, in the province of Kırklareli. In Igneada Longoz, one of the largest longoz forests in the world, you will see a large synthesis of green and blue. The fact that it has a fairly large area also makes this area ideal for camping. There are many campsites in Iğneada. Since there are also resort areas outside the desolate areas, you have the chance to camp according to your preferences. If you want to camp in desolate areas, please don’t light a fire. Ikeada Longozu is an extremely important area for all of us, both in terms of the species it hosts and in terms of its enormous nature. So let’s not forget to look at this area like our eyes.

The needle Longoz of rare birds, where hundreds of different plants meet, also offers the opportunity to explore nature. Mert lake, Hamam Lake and Saka Lake are the lakes located in the National park and you will enjoy it very much when you see it. In a Lonely park, the road is quite broken, and it may not always be possible to go to some places in a normal car. Keep in mind that it also.

Campsites Near Istanbul

Acarlar Floodplain Forest, Sakarya

For green lovers, Acarlar Deep Spot, located between the Kaynarca road in the Karasu district of Sakarya, is among the camping areas that can be preferred especially between May and November. It is impossible not to admire the unique appearance of trees, various animals and especially water lilies, whose roots are in the water. In Acarlar Deep Spot, which you can reach with a three-hour drive from Istanbul, you can have a pleasant time by staying in special camps.

Uçmakdere, Tekirdağ

Uçmakdere Village, which is about three hours away from Istanbul, is a place that will give you peace of mind even during your journey. You can enter Uçmakdere camping area on the seafront by paying a small fee in this region, which you reach through the roads decorated with green trees. In addition to having facilities where you can meet your basic needs, you can set up your tent near the sea and enjoy the view.

Campsites Near Istanbul

Pürenli Yaylası (Pürenli Highland), Bolu

Among the campsites near Istanbul, one of the most ideal is the Purenli Highland. You can reach this campsite in about three and a half hours, which is enormous for camping among the greenery under the azure sky. The Purenli Highland, located in Düzce, is also perfect for those who want to sit in the center of the city and get away from the crowd. There are no facilities on the plateau. So you’d better do all your shopping before you go camping. Although it pushes the road a little, the camping experience you will eventually experience is worth it. Keep in mind that the Highland gets quite cold at night. Remember that when you pack your camping bag.

Kömür Limanı (Kömür Harbour), Çanakkale

Kömür Harbour is one of the most beautiful camping places where you can see the blue that has not been discovered by everyone yet. In this bay around Saroz Bay, you can pay a small fee to enter the camping area and then set up your tent in the area you want. Although it is under the name of business, it never has a business atmosphere. Still, you can benefit from the facilities of the facility and there is also a small cafe inside.

The Kömür Harbour is a place that is slightly longer than the others, among the campsites near Istanbul. You can get to the campsite in about four and a half hours, but let me remind you that the road is quite broken.

Campsites Near Istanbul

Ballıkayalar Tabiat Parkı (Ballıkayalar Nature Park), Kocaeli

Located between Kocaeli and Gebze and just an hour and a half away from Istanbul, this domain name is famous for its rocks. Although it is more preferred, especially for climbing, you can set up your tent and relax your soul by watching the water flowing through the rocks. Ballıkayalar also has very pleasant routes for those who want to walk. Because it is a rocky region, transportation, setting up tents can make you a little difficult. When you arrive in the area, you need to walk 5-10 minutes to reach the Valley. For this reason, if you want to camp here, prepare your bag by thinking about this walking distance.

Sülüklü Göl (Sülüklü Lake), Bolu

Sülüklü Lake, located in the Mudurnu District of Bolu, three and a half hours away from Istanbul, is one for campers looking for calm. You can relax your body and soul by watching the lake view among the trees. When you’re camping here, you need to bring your needs with you. Although there is a fountain and toilet, there are no businesses such as a grocery store and buffet.

Campsites Near Istanbul

Yenice Ormanları (Yenice Forests), Karabük

The Yenice forests, where every shade of Green meets you, are located in Karabük. I don’t know how accurate it would be to evaluate it among the campsites near Istanbul, as it is about five hours away from Istanbul, but I still wanted to add it to the list. The Yenice forests are a tremendous place for those looking for a real camp. It allows not only camping, but also many outdoor sports such as mountaineering, rafting, climbing. Of course, you can run into wild animals here, so you’d better not go to secluded corners alone.

Erikli Yaylası (Erikli Highland), Yalova

Among the campsites near Istanbul, one of the most notable places is the Erikli Plateau. Erikli Plateau, which can be easily reached in about two hours, has many facilities that you can choose for camping, as well as a waterfall, Lake and Plateau that you can visit. Although there are facilities in the area that meet the needs of campers, there is no market after entering the Highland Road. So if you do your grocery shopping in Çınarcık, your head will be comfortable.

Campsites Near Istanbul

As people who love to camp, perhaps the most beautiful places we camp are polluted and destroyed. We are accustomed to seeing the trash left by the dayman, but it is extremely sad to see the damage caused by the campers before us in particular. These people, maybe deliberately or unknowingly, harm nature and the inhabitants of that nature pay the price for this. If you have just started camping or are not very experienced in this regard, remember that there may be harm that you can do without knowing it. They say it’s a shame not to know, not to learn, so it’s worth trying to be as conscious as possible. The Article “5 Rules For Protecting Nature in Camps” will give you tips for reducing your footprint in your camps. I wish everyone a pleasant camp in advance.

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