Prepare your camping bag and put it somewhere close to the door right now. You are going to camping this weekend. Because I am sure that you can’t resist this page! The camp locations that given here are charming, camp tips will definitely be quite useful for your trips and equipment tips are also here for you.

 Get Rid of Stress By Camping

Camping is one of the most relaxing activities in the world. If you feel your soul is trapped in a desk job in a plaza, you can rid of stress that you get through by running to the weekend campings. You may think that you do not have time for this in the urban life’s rush. Welli I don’t know about your country but there are near camping areas which are also close to cities as well. You can search for these places while sitting on your desk.

Besides, camp is one of the cheapest events. It is not hard that much, as it expected,  to have relaxing camping experiences with low budgets. You can go camping by refreshing your soul in the weekend and at the end of the weekend, you can go back to your home easily.

Camp Locations Near Istanbul

If you are living in Istanbul, there are so many beautiful camp sites near Istanbul. From Yalova to Düzce, Sakarya, Iznik, Zonguldak, Tekirdağ, Çanakkale there are articles about beautiful, intertwined with nature, camp locations. If you want to explore these places where you can be alone with nature too, read the articles. 


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Choosing a sleeping bag

One of the most important equipment when camping is sleeping bag. No matter how good your tent is, your camping experience can become a torture if your sleepin...

5 Rules to preserve nature while camping

Whether you go to camping often or it is your first time your first priority should be not to harm the nature when you move away from the stressful city life a...
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Tips to buy a camping tent

Depending on the seasonal conditions of where you want to use your tent and your preferences, there are lots of different tents you can find in the market. The ...
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Stay warm in a tent while camping

Especially tent campings and winter activities, where temperature decraeses much during the night, can become scary even for camping lovers. Without the proper ...
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Camping fears and the ways to overcome them

Tent accommodation is one of the types of accommodation where your comfort area is restricted. Staying in a tent is a passion for some, and a low-budget horror ...
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Sleep Comfortably While Camping

No matter what your purpose of camping is, camping may tire your body although it lets your mind rest. Even if you don’t do anything else, you’re making effort ...
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Assos Camping Sites

Assos, also known as Behramkale, is one of the most preferred places by vacationers owing to being in touch with nature and its sea. There are lots of boutique ...
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Tips for sleeping well in a hammock

The hammock is unfortunately not a well-known equipment in my country. It is not usually thought that it could be used instead of camping tent for sleeping. Bec...
Nallıhan Kuş Cenneti Tabelası

Nallihan Bird Sanctuary

Nallihan Bird Sanctuary is a wonderful place should be visited on the way to Ankara. Area is 130 km far from Ankara and Eskisehir, 300 km far from Istanbul, 100...