Vegan Food

It is thought that it is impossible to travel as a vegan nowadays, where Vegan life is thought to be extremely difficult. But trust me it is not! Here you can find vegan cafe and restaurants in some cities of Turkey and other countries.

My Story

I began into vegetarian life started with leaving red meat eating at the first in 2009. I countinued to eat chicken an fish for a while. On 2011 I completely stop eating any animal. I came across the concept of veganism by chance during my researches. I began to resarch that trend which sounds crazy for me. After all things that I saw and learned, I decided to stop consuming animal products.

Vegan Travel

Vegan life while traveling or camping may be very easy in some countries, and also it can be extremely difficult due to both geographical conditions and climatic conditions in some countries. Therefore I will try to post my methods in order to make yours easier.

İstanbul'da vegan kafeler

Vegan restaurants in Istanbul

As a vegan who likes to eat as much as possible I have to admit that there are not much vegan restaurants in Turkey. But still there are several options in Ist...