About veganism

On this page you can find information about veganism and vegan life.

Being vegan and traveling & camping

It is thought that it is impossible to travel as a vegan nowadays, where Vegan life is thought to be extremely difficult. But trust me it is not! You will find food and be fine in most of the countries. Aside from finding resources for vegan travel, more difficult thing is finding vegan travel equipment. Likewise finding vegan outdoor equipments are also hard in a way. I am here to make your vegan life easier at least for your travels and outdoor activities.If you like to travel and outdoor activities as I do, then let’s say you are lucky to find this blog. Here, as a vegan, I try to share my experiences both in nature and on the road. There are several vegan equipment lists which may help you to find vegan outdoor equipments for your activities.

My Veganism Adventure

I began into vegetarian life started with leaving red meat eating at the first in 2009. I countinued to eat chicken an fish for a while. On 2011 I completely stop eating any animal. I came across the concept of veganism by chance during my researches. I began to resarch that trend which sounds crazy for me. After all things that I saw and learned, I decided to stop consuming animal products.

Vegan Travel

Vegan life while traveling or camping may be very easy in some countries, and also it can be extremely difficult due to both geographical conditions and climatic conditions in some countries. Therefore I will try to post my methods in order to make yours easier.

what is TDS

What is TDS (Traceable Down Standard)?

Most of the outdoor brands are using down and wool in their products. Their products are not vegan. However there are some brands following some rules...
what is rds

What is RDS (Responsible Down Standard) ?

Most of the outdoor brands are using down, wool, leather etc. in their products. Their products are not vegan. However there are some brands following some rule...
vegan outdoor equipments

Vegan Outdoor Equipments

Vegan outdoor equipments are one of the most challenging things for vegan outdoor lovers. Most of outdoor gear contain animal products in order to provide a goo...