Traveling around the world, seeing unexplored places and getting know different kinds of cultures are everyone’s dream. I started my world tour in my dreams by quitting  from my job on October '16 and in this category, I am trying to tell about the countries I've been during my travels. First, I made an Asia tour by bike involving Turkey, Iran, India, Thailand, Malaysia and it lasted for 11 months. Through my tour, I found a chance to create an extensive travel guide and to know more detailed information about other people's life and country’s cultures by staying in Turkey for 1 month, in Iran for 3 months, in India for 5 months and in Thailand for a month. Still, I am trying to create short trips to the near countries. I keep informing people who follow me and curious about the places I went through all of my trips. These days, I keep producing contents and sharing to provide benefits to people on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I am also a nature lover who likes to camp, sleep in a hammock and be in touch with animals. Traveling to my own world’s unknown places is another important journey that I am working on. You can read the information related to countries I have been and what I had been through in those countries.

  • India

    Mumbai travel guide :What to do in Mumbai?

    This article should be about the beautiful capital of India! But it is more about our first meet. Mumbai travel guide tittle may sound as if I had a great time from beginning to end. But unfortunately, my arrival at Mumbai wasn’t very pleasant. Me and my friends landed on the country, got off the plane. Informed about that everything I have…

  • Hindistan'da başınıza gelebilecek
    Bicycle traveling tips,  India

    Funny things that can only happen in India

    If you have always heard negative things about India, just have a look at funny things that can only happen in India. These things will change your mind and prove that how sympathetic India actually is. I am not sure what you read will convince you to go to India, but if you have a small thought as “Should I…

  • Malaysia

    Artworks in George Town, Penang Island

    In order to go to Penang Island, I came to Hat Yai from Bangkok by hitchiking. From here, again by hitchhiking, I went to Malaysia through Sadao Border Gate. Actually, there is a train that shuttles on this route. That train goes from Bangkok to Pedang Besar station in Malaysia. The price of this 12-hour travel that has only wagon-lit…

  • assos kamp alanları
    Camp locations,  Camping,  Turkey

    Assos Camping Sites

    Assos, also known as Behramkale, is one of the most preferred places by vacationers owing to being in touch with nature and its sea. There are lots of boutique hotels for the ones who want to stay at a hotel. Assos is also rich in camping sites. So if you like to open your tent’s zip to a beautiful sea view…

  • Goa'da Gezilecek Yerler

    Traveling To Goa : A Hippy Heaven Goa

    Parties and drugs are the first things when you say Goa. Hippy heaven Goa ! But we like Goa because it is quite and cleaner than the other parts of India. We started cycling from Mumbai and arrived in Goa after a long bike trip. Goa is very beautiful with its uniqe atmosphere full of people from all around the…

  • tips for train travel in India

    Tips For Train Travel In India

    Traveling by train in India is one of the hardest things in the world. There are billions of people traveling by train each day. I’ve listed few things may be useful for you during your train travels in India. Here are some tips for train travel in India . Tips For Train Travel In India Download Indian Railway app on your smartphone.…

  • Nallıhan Kuş Cenneti Tabelası
    Camp locations,  Camping,  Turkey

    Nallıhan Bird Sanctuary

    Nallihan Bird Sanctuary is a wonderful place should be visited on the way to Ankara. Area is 130 km far from Ankara and Eskisehir, 300 km far from Istanbul, 100 km far from Bolu and 30 km far from both Beypazari and Nallihan districts. It is one of the important bird areas of Turkey. 179 species of birds have been…