Parties and drugs are the first things when you say Goa. Hippy heaven Goa ! But we like Goa because it is quite and cleaner than the other parts of India. We started cycling from Mumbai and arrived in Goa after a long bike trip. Goa is very beautiful with its uniqe atmosphere full of people from all around the world. Since the parties are there every single night and free for foreigners tourists love Goa. Also local people in India are much more friendly and kind.

Acommandation in Goa

There are lots of hostels in Goa. Hostel prices start from 2 dollars. It is also possible to rent a room starting from 600 Rupees per night.

Transportation in Goa

Most of the people are riding scooter and motorbikes in Goa. The traffic here is much more better comparing the rest of the India so it is sade to ride here. You can rent a bike for 200 Rupees a day which is approx. 3 Euro. 

There are also busses running between Keri-Aranbol-Anjuna-Panjim but it is a little hard to understand their schedule. However, you still need a private vehicle to go to beaches and some touristic parts of Goa.


Places To Visit In Goa

Old Goa

Basilica Of Bom Jesus and Church of St. Francis of Assisi

Old Goa is the historical part of Goa and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Basilica Of Bom Jesus and Church of St. Francis of Assisi are the most famous places visited by thousands of people every day. It is free to visit churches. There is a museum in the St. Francis of Assisi and entrance fee is only 10 Rupees. 

Panjim (Panaji)

Panjim is the capital of Goa. It is a city center which you can find almost everything. There is also one church which is very popular. Panjim is only 10 kilometers away from Old Goa.

Beaches of Goa


Goa is very famous for its beaches. This is one of the reasons for high tourist population. It is possible to swim in all the beaches in Goa. Most famous beaches: Vagator Beach, Paradice Beach, Anjuna, Arambol ve Kerim Beach.


We spent most of our time in Aranbol. It was only 4-5 km away from our hostel and we were going to Arambol almost everyday. There are lots of shops, restaurants, hostels and markets here. Please be careful when you are buying something. Sellers are starting from high numbers but eventually they reduce their price almost 4 times lower. If they start with 600 Rupees it means you can buy it for 200 Rupees. When you don’t like the price and start walking away, the only thing you will hear will be “What is your price”

Aranbol Beach is a very big and touristic beach which also means it is pretty safe. Everynight there is a sunset bazaar starting after 4 pm and drum circle starting around 7pm in the beach. People are playin mostly drums and dancing all night long. 

Banian Tree in Aranbol

There is a road goes into the jungle from Aranbol Beach. After walking for 15 minutes there will be a big banian tree welcomes you. This is one of the best places you can ever visit in Aranbol. There is also Baba living in the jungle so don’t forget to bring him some fruits.




Did you know there is a free hostel in Goa, India? Ankit and Elissa came up with this awesome idea and now they are hosting people from all around the world in this lovely place they decorated with volunteers. “The idea of creating a crowedfunded “Free Hostel” came when we merged our wish to open a structure in Goa and our passion for travelling/backpacking. We wanted the travellers to be freeminded from the money aspect and get straight to what we are most interested in: his stories.” they said.

What they offer?

“We basically offer a bed, for a period the traveller only decides. The purpose is also to make him feel at home during these times he is fo far from his landmarks. This lead to quality human interactions, thanks to the natural and less stressful environment, and the contact created between everyone who stays here is quiet special. So we offer a bed opening a chance to experience the feeling of a home far from home and a family you had never met.”

If you like what they are doing and want to support them please click here.

What We Did?


We had so much fun in Goa. We met many people from all around the world, shared our adventures, listened their stories. For the short distances we travelled with our bikes but for the long distances we hired a scooter mostly. Every morning and every night we practiced yoga in the temple. We stayed in No Name Free Hostel for a monthe and help them for the management of the hostel.

We visited Redi Fort which amazed us with its uniqe nature and awesome view. Redi Fort is actually in Maharashta state but pretty close to the Keri Beach. It is free to enter and since there are not so many people visiting here it is full of peace.

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