Equipment Review

Equipment review is here to help you decide easily what you want to buy. Travel’s productivity is quite related to the equipments that is being used through the tour. Therefore, to spend time in nature you also need quality equipments. How to choose an equipment according to what is an extremely important question. At this level equipment review becomes highly important.

There are so many important details that needed to be careful about while choosing the equipments. Where you use your equipment, which kinds of activities you will be doing mostly, which season you are traveling to, is weight important or not… There are so many questions to answer before you make a decision.

Needs are also important. If you are willing to camp during your tour then choosing a tent and a sleeping bag is one of the most important things. But if you want to stay in a places like hostels, hostels etc. then your need for tent or sleeping bag is questionable. It is same when it comes to nature campings. If you attend camping activities once or twice in a year on hot seasons, then you will probably need a basic tent which doesn’t need to have resistant for extreme climates.

To summarize, two things are at the top for equipments. Firs one is needs, second one is areas of usage.

These days, I keep trying to provide information related to the equipments that I had a chance to try. You may find equipment lists according to types of activities such as bicycle touring, camping, trekking vanlife. There are also reviews related to my equipments, useful equipment advices as well.

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