Practical Camping Chair Moonchair Review

Practical Camping Chair Moonchair Review

The Practical camping chair of the brand “Ticket to the Moon” is an extremely useful hammock for nature activities. After finding the right place, it takes you a short time like only 1 minute to set up and extend your legs to spend your time comfortably. Other than the nature activities such as camping, climbing, trekking and daytrips, you’ll love to use it also in your garden for sure.

Different Type of Camping Hammock: Moonchair!

Moonchair Technical Details

  • Weight: 1700 g
  • Maximum weight capacity: 120 kg
  • Ropes: Nautical ropes
  • Pipes: Aluminum
  • Connecting links: Stainless steel connecting links
  • Carrier bag: 100 cm 15 cm (Similar to camping chair)
  • Guarantee: 10 years

The brand also has the best hammocks ever. To learn more about Ticket To The Moon Hammocks that I use feel free to click here.

Moonchair fabric

Since the fabric of the chair is parachute fabric, it is extremely long-lasting. At the same time, elastic and breathable. The fabric is manufactured in accordance with OEKO-TEX standards and it is non-allergic. So the ones with sensitive skins can also use.

How to set up Moonchair?

Since all the pipes can be lined up side by side, Moonchair is delivered in a package shaped like a camping chair. Set-up is quite simple. Moonchair is delivered with a rope beside which has nodes at certain intervals. After passing the rope through somewhere high enough and safe, such as a bough, all that’s left is to hook up the carabiner of the Moonchair from a proper space at sufficient level. After the set-up that takes only 1 minute, you can extend your legs and read your book or sleep.

There is a set up video for you. It is in Turkish but still it might be helpful to set your moonchair. I am hoping to make another video as soon as possible.

  • How to buy?

In order to buy Ticket to the Moon moonchair, you can click on Moonchair customize page from here. After chosing your Moonchair, you can select your payment options and enter your address details on the page you are redirected. Shipping is offered all around the world! Don’t forget to enter the code TTTM-Melike0029 which provides you 10% discount for all Ticket to the Moon products. (No comission for me, just a small kind discount for you.) Enjoy your practical camping chair !

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