One of the questions friends following my journeys has asked me lately was about who I am. After too many messages have been sent, I realized that I didn’t mention about myself for all that time. Who is Melike Dede what she is, what she isn’t, let’s see all together. And let’s see what you want to add in the comments.

Who is Melike Dede

I am Melike. I’ve seen about 9.400 sunrise until today. In other words, according to time we split into periods, it makes me 26 years old. I am one of those who think age is just an illusion. Since I know there are many friends who want concrete information, I guess I should talk about few things which most probably don’t mean anything neither to me nor someone else. I was born on the date of May 6, 1991 in Ereğli, Karadeniz. Yes, my zodiac sign is Taurus. There are disagreements about my birth time, so I am not sure for my rising star. There are those who claim that I was born in the morning at 6 o’clock, as well as in the noon at 11 o’clock and even in the evening at 5 o’clock.

Don’t let my birthplace misguide you. I lived almost my entire life in the world’s number one tourism paradise we call Sakarya. I say tourism paradise because I totally make up. I completed primary school, secondary school, even you’ll surprise high school there. I continued my university education in a private university in Istanbul with half scholarship, I don’t want to tell its name from the point of not to advertise it. Being of my department was law in addition to my grades were high caused that expectations of my family and close acquaintances had increased. Of course it didn’t come too late an innocent university student to make career plans encouraged by relatives.

Graduating from University

I was about to finish university, in the last week I took final exams I prepared for the exams of Master Program of Galatasaray University in a very short time like three days. But how preparing. I was like a bomb ready to explode. Whenever I opened my mouth, I was not closing it without giving law knowledge. I was seeing all the doctrines I learnt in my dreams. But again the universe has made its networks and by consciously giving the most absurd answers to the exam questions I have been eliminated. When I got out of the interview, I remember that I went to Uğur Mumcu Park in Beşiktaş, I cried for hours and a girl who was selling tissue and a homeless man have consoled me. This moment has placed in the records as one of the most beautiful turning points in my life.

My Working Life

Then I’ve worked in a private bureau to finish my internship. As luck would have it, I worked for one and half year in a field of that I hoped it would not to be useful to me in the real life knowledge when I was studying I mostly didn’t like and gained. But because I liked the place I worked. I had a chance to live one of the best experiences of my life. When I was working I’ve made applications to do master degree in Germany and received acceptances from two schools. I don’t know how it happened, when push came to shove I started to search about accommodation in Germany I decided to rethink my plans and very short time later, I understood that it was not the thing I really wanted.

Luck comes when you look deep into it

I am so lucky I realized what I really would want before it was too late. Here it is, another turning point of my life placed somewhere here. When I found the courage could change the way of my life in myself, I decided to take this journey. You already know the rest. Those who don’t know can read my decision making period here.

I can say that to be on the road is one of the best decisions of mine. I’ve seen that in this process how easy many things actually are which I thought they were impossible. I realized that I can do things which I said I can never do. I’ve learnt perspectives which would not come to my mind by thinking for forty years. I’ve known hundreds of people. And above all I’ve witnessed the power of love thousand times. Thereafter too, as long as I am healthy I’ll continue traveling. By bicycle, car, caravan, hitchhike, walking, running at home or abroad, shortly how and where I want and how the universe want me to experience it.

Why am I a vegan?

I respect to the rights of animals to live. I don’t eat them because I am against to that them to be slaves of the industry and I don’t consume animal products. Likewise, while I am buying a product I take five minutes for reading ingredients. I don’t use the products including animal ingredient and tested upon animals. To whom ask me why I’m doing this, I tell that I empathize with them. In my opinion going vegan is the key for the world peace and is the only way to save the earth.

I have a choice and I use this choice with consuming plants that I know that they don’t feel pain, because they don’t have nervous systems. In addition to this, I am against to that not only animal exploitation but plants too. Flowers picked from the branch without a need, made a bouquet, every plant separated from its solid are the type of nature slaughter took place in terms of human base.

To sum up who is Melike Dede

I spent most of my life believing in the existence of a magic wand that would touch all of living beings and bring justice and love. I realized that later magic wand is in our hands indeed. I would not be exaggerating saying that one of the most impressive turning point of my life have been the statement of “Start with yourself the change you want to see.” I’ve come across somewhere. I’ve witnessed how changing myself has created a difference in my touch on surrounding. I still do. I am trying to set my life on a simple philosophy. I’ve a world-view in my way that I try living minimally, not consuming more than I need, judging as less as possible loving as much as possible. Giving the minimum damage to the universe is also in love.