Greetings from Thailand! The third country of my Asia journey that I started with bicycle. We are talking about a completely unique culture with its deep-rooted culture, people smiling constantly, not bending to years of exploitation and standing up. Thailand, the country of strong women where women work in everything from roadworks to bus driving. What do you know about Thailand, which has a lot to say about poor people on the one hand, young girls and women who fall victim to the sex trade, and rich royalty on the other?

Thailand has a special place in my life. I become an English teacher to tens of beautiful child for the first time in my life. Meeting with the energy of beautiful hearts which can be read like an open book every morning was an incredible experience.

A lovely Asian country

You can find answers to all of your questions in this page like “Is Thailand a dirty country? Which vaccination should be made when you go to Thailand? Is obtaining a visa is required? Is it hard to travel for women? Is the rate of abusing high in there? How is the food there? Is it easy to find a place to stay? Is life cheap? Are people affectionate? do tourists get too piled up? Is there any possibility of finding voluntary work? Is the travelling safe? Is it easy to hitchhike? How to work as an English teacher in Thailand?”

Hope your travel brings you joy and happiness in many ways.