Hello! Welcome to my blog. I am Melike a Turkish travel blogger who’s always looking for new things to discover. On this page, you’ll find all the necessary information about my blog and how we can work together. To know more about me and my travels, please take a look at my “About me page. I consider advertisement and blogger collaboration proposals which I enjoy to display on my page, I may use gladly, and agree with my personal values.* You may find detailed info related to both advertisements and blogger collaboration below. Keep reading!

Quick Info

To get in touch drop me an email at melkeontheroad@gmail.com. Melke On The Road reaches over 30k Social Media followers (Twitter 1,5k | Instagram 32k | Facebook 1,7k by Nov 2020) and has an extremely engaged audience. It has more then 25k monthly page views on social media. (Blog page stats are provided below) I am able to collaborate for the works listed below. If you like to collaborate about a topic which is not included in the list, I am open to discuss about the terms. I also would like to join in blogger collaborations such as backlink exchange, social media sharing etc.

For all kinds of requests and information, you may send an e-mail to melkeontheroad@gmail.com.

Collaboration Fields

Banner Advertisements – I may place a banner for your brand and product on ad spaces on my homepage and other appropriate areas.

Backlink Placement – I may place back link in appropriate contents for your website, brand, service or product. This backlink may be places in already existed article or to be created ones.

Product Review – I may experience your product or service and prepare an review text for users. I may share this text on my website and my social accounts.

Social Media Ads – I may share your page, product or service which are appropriate to introduce in this way in my social media accounts.

Other sponsorships – We may set sponsorship relationships and collaboration for my events and camps, making camper van or in my other travels. In terms of making this kind of work, mentioning and sharing types are evaluated interactively.

*I don’t promote advertisements and introductions of products and services that are obtained from animals or contain animal products, have harmful ingredients for nature and human, harm environment in their acquisition, and are impractical.

Vegan, healthy, nature friendly products are highly welcomed.

My Social Media

Blog Stats

(November, 2020)

DA 18 PA 34

Monthly view: 59.8k

Montly visitors:35.8k

Guest Posts

As a blogger collaboration part, I am now accepting guest posts. Here you may find information about the type of guest posts I’m looking for. Before start, I would like to tell you that I only accept guest posts from personal blogs. If you wish to publish a sponsored post on my blog, with a link to your company’s website or just looking for a backlink placement to my posts the rules are explained above.

What kind of posts are accepted?

I’m accepting guides about countries, tips related to travel, camping, vegan life and eco-friendly life style. Guides can either be general country guides, or guides to a specific city, vegan restaurants in the cities, parks that should be visited etc. Only places that I haven’t written about myself will be considered, so please check out my pages before submitting your idea. You can easily search for the post from the “Search” section located in the sidebar on the main page.

I also accept stories reflecting to your point of view and about what you’ve learned while visiting a place, funny or excited things had happened etc.  I only accept stories about countries I’ve visited myself.

How the article should be?

  • Please keep in mind that only original contents will ve considered. This content should or will not be published in another web page.
  • Your content should have several characteristics such as a well-written, right spelling etc.
  • Article should be written according to SEO rules.
  • Guest posts should have a minimum of 500 words and at least 2 high quality photos. These images must be your own. (These images will only be used for the article and promotion of it on social media.)
  • I reserve the right to refuse any article that doesn’t correspond to my standards, even if we’ve previously agreed on the topic.

What do you get in return?

1 do-follow link to your blog. (Guest posts begin with the line of ‘This is a guest post by *your name and link*’.)

How to send an article?

If you’re interested in submitting a guest post for my website, please send me an email at melkeontheroad@gmail.com. Mention the subject you would like to write about, a short summary, and at least 2 links to similar content on your own website.

How about backlink exchange without an article?

Yeah sure, why not? I am also open for this kind of blogger collaboration. If your blog has similar stats as mine, we can also place do-follow link to each other’s blogs in the existed articles. In this case, we can discuss about where to place the backlink.