Greetings from Iran! The first country of my Asia journey that I started with bicycle. We are talking about a completely unique culture with its deep-rooted culture, modern society in the past, oppresive religious regime which has been taking place for years. If you haven't been in Iran before, put aside everything you've heard about it. There is neither war in there nor anything else frightening. Iran, the country of people who is interest in literature, music, poetry. In this lovely country art has been going on for centuries... It is not enough, no matter how much we talk about their hospitality or their benevolence. Three months in this lovely country, six cities that fit into these three months, two island visits, and dozens of beautiful-hearted friends from each other who came across my life... 3-month tour of Iran for  7 Turkish Lira per day in 2016... I wrote about every little detail I have learned during this 3-month travel. Iran is one of the best destinations You can find answers to all of your questions in this page like "Is Iran a dirty country, which vaccination should be made when you go to Iran, is obtaining a visa an obligation, is it hard to travel for women, is the rate of abusing high in there, how is the food there, is it easy to find a place to stay in there, is life cheap, are people affectionate, do tourists get too piled up, is the traveling safe, is it easy to hitchhike" Hope your travel bring you joy and happiness.

  • Iran

    Tehran Travel Guide For Everyone

    We spent more than 20 days in the capital city of Iran and we are proud to see almost everywhere in the city and prepared a Tehran travel guide . When we first came to Tehran we were disappointed because Tehran is too crowded and complicated city. That’s why we couldn’t even find to place to go in Tehran. We should…

  • Yezd Gezi Rehberi

    Yazd City Guide | Zorostrian Center

    Yazd is a small city surrended by deserts. It has a very unique atmosphere with long yard walls, which form its narrow streets. Almost all the houses are made of adobe. Because of its climate, it has one of the largest networks of qanats, an old system of water supply from a deep well. To deal with the hot summers, many…

  • Iran

    Esfahan Trip : A Fairy Tale of Iran

    I had a three day long Esfahan trip and I can say that Esfahan is the city that I fell in love with in all the other cities I have visited in Iran. It is a small city with its unique view and excellent architecture. Especially, after a big city like Tehran, Esfahan is the most peaceful city you want…

  • Iran

    Islands of Iran : Bandar Abbas, Qeshm and Hormuz Island

    Islands of Iran lets you have a quite different and uniqe experience. Once you visit Hormuz Island you will have a chance to live the nature. Qeshm Island is completely different than the rest of Iran. Shows you both luxury and beauty of deserts Islands Of Iran : Qeshm and Hormuz Island We arrived Bandar Abbas at 5 in the…

  • Şiraz gezi rehberi

    Shiraz Trip , Iran

    I had a little Shiraz trip during my Iran tour but unfortunately I couldn’t see anywhere in Shiraz because I was trying get ready for my flight most of the time and find boxes to package my bike. Unluckily it was also rainy all the days I was in Shiraz and after three months I spent in Iran, I felt…

  • İran'a giderken dikkat edilecekler

    Tips for Travelling to Iran

    If you are looking for tips for traveling to Iran here is what you need. Stay calm and keep reading. You will see how awesome Iran is. TRANSPORTATION IN IRAN Ticket prices for transportation are really low. Women and men are allowed to get in same bus but their seats are separated. Metro is also cheap. Taxi is also cheap…

  • Iran

    A woman who made a difference: Mahsa Torabi

    In fact this interview was meant to be special for International Women Day but due to some technical problems I couldn’t publish it. There is an Iranian woman Mahsa Torabi who I would be happy to talk about. A woman who contribute to make the world a little better. When Iran hosted its first marathon called “I Run Iran”, women were not…

  • Iran

    Tabriz , Iran

    Tabriz is one of the beautiful cities in Iran with its lovely people. If you are willing to visit this city and don’t know where to visit in Tabriz check out. TRANSPORTATION Tabriz is a small and tidy city. Since most of the touristic places, cafes, museums are in the center and close to eachother it is pretty easy to…

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