Islands of Iran : Bandar Abbas, Qeshm and Hormuz Island

Islands of Iran : Bandar Abbas, Qeshm and Hormuz Island

Islands of Iran lets you have a quite different and uniqe experience. Once you visit Hormuz Island you will have a chance to live the nature. Qeshm Island is completely different than the rest of Iran. Shows you both luxury and beauty of deserts

Islands Of Iran : Qeshm and Hormuz Island

We arrived Bandar Abbas at 5 in the morning. It was raining and we had no idea where to go. We decided to go to Hormuz Island first. We spent time in Bandar Abbas after we visited Hormuz and Geshm Island.

Bandar Abbas, Hormuz and Geshm are most colorful part of Iran because of the dresses and masks of women. Besides, you can easily understand that there is something different in these places.

Islands of Iran

Bandar Abbas is a small cost city and there is nothing to see specially. You can easily find camping place in the town. There is a bazaar in the center, which you can find almost everything.

There are ferries going to Dubai and cargo ships going to India as well. We also thought about sending our bicycles via one of these cargo ships but it was so expensive. It was 1.3000 Tomans for two bicycles.

There are ferries going to both Geshm and Hormuz Island from Bandar Abbas. For Hormuz, it is 7.000 Tomans per person. For Geshm, it is 15.000 Tomans per person. You can carry your bicycle in the back of ferry without additional cost.

Be careful because sometimes they try to get some money but it is not official.


Islands of Iran

Hormuz Island is a very small island with it’s narrow streets and one-floored homes. There is nothing much to see in the Island but nature. There are only few local markets. The whole island is only 42 kilometers.

When you walk straight after you get off ferry, there is a small café named Gelak after 500 meters. People in Gelak Café are very nice and warm and there is always someone who speaks English. You can also enjoy traditional food with very low prices.

Camping In Hormuz Island


There are wonderful beaches in every corner of Island but it is quite hard to access. You have to walk at least 3-4 kilometers from asphalt and then walk through paths between the mountains to reach nearest beach. Also you have to carry all your needs with you otherwise you cannot find anything to eat because markets are in the center. The good thing is, there are some taxis that can bring you anywhere you want to go. Besides, you do not have to go anywhere for camping. Even camping in the center is okay, nobody cares.

You can go back to Bandar Abbas from Hormuz. There are also ferries go to Geshm for 9.000 Tomans per person.



As oppossed to the Hormuz Island, Geshm Island is a very big and crowded island and there are lots of shopping malls. There are many beaches and camping areas but you need a vehicle. The nearest free camping area is Zeytoon Park which you can find free toilets, electricity, showers and beach. There are also some cafes that you can eat.

You can also visit special caves and some other natural beauties in the Island.

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