Tips for Travelling to Iran

Tips for Travelling to Iran

If you are looking for tips for traveling to Iran here is what you need. Stay calm and keep reading. You will see how awesome Iran is.


Ticket prices for transportation are really low. Women and men are allowed to get in same bus but their seats are separated. Metro is also cheap. Taxi is also cheap but there is no taximeter in the taxi so it is possible to be cheated as a tourist. There are also some private taxis that are cheaper than the usual ones. No matter which taxi you take, bargain before you get in. There are also some motorbike taxis in Tehran. We have never tried it but there were many people who use. If you want to have a good experience with taxi drivers we recommend you to download an app called Snapp. You can use the app in English. It helps you to take a taxi and see the prices.


They have their own system and special cards for their own country which also means banks do not work globally and it is not possible to withdraw money. For the last few months Visa is entered into country but since the commission is too high no one uses it. We wanted to use our card at ATM and asked the manager of the bank first and he inform us about this. Well, don’t forget to bring your money with you.

Also the money system they have is a little bit confusing. They are officially using Riyal but they are using Tomen in daily life. Basically 10.000 Riyal = 1.000 Tomens.


Internet is so slow and expensive. Some social medias such as facebook, snapchat etc. are not allowed in the country. You should use VPN and it makes internet slower. Most of the people in Iran use Telegram instead of Whatsapp. If you wanna buy mobile, IranCell is the cheapest and the best. You can buy 3 GB internet for 15.000 Tomans. But here some of the internet packages are divided two time sections. You can only use 1.5 GB of the internet in day time and the other 1.5 GB between 02:00 and 08:00. This option may be cheaper than other but not useful at all.


We used Couchsurfing and Warmshowers during our trip in Iran. There are lots of people using these apps especially in the big cities. Besides, it is not hard to find a host in small cities.

We only pay for accommodation in Tabriz for the first night we arrived because we didn’t text anyone since we didn’t expect to arrive there this soon. It was a guesthouse where we stayed. There are many guesthouses in Iran and they are pretty cheap comparing to hotels or hostels. The guesthouse we stayed in Tabriz cost us 50 Tomens which is approx. 15 dollars and there were two single beds, a small tv, small fridge, a table and a shower in the room. The toilets were shared toilets outside of the room.


Sad but true, being vegetarian in this country is really hard. They do not usually eat outside so there is not too many choices and most of the food contains meat. They really like kebap! Thanks god, falafel and vegetarian pizza can be found everywhere. Besides, soya is really cheap here. 250 gr of soya is 1.000 Tomans. We didn’t like the soya milk here. It is pretty cheap but quality is not so good. By the way, tap water can be drunk in everywhere. Since they usually use tap water, regular water that sold in the bottles in the markets are mineral waters for them.


Iran is a country with dress code. Iranian women being forced to cover their hair, necks and arms and also are required to wear loose-fitting clothing in public. Most of women cover their hair with a scarf and  mostly their hair exposes under their scarves.  They take great care in their appearance with lots of makeup and varnished nails. It is also possible to see women who wear chador.

There is no limitation about the colour of the wearing. Yeah, hair must be covered but it’s okay for women to let some of their hair fall. Arms and legs should be covered too. Well, if there is something wrong police comes and warns you politely. There is nothing to worry about.


Women and men are not allowed to touch each other unless they are married. Likewise they cannot stay in the same room in a hotel if they are not married. But the rules are different for the tourist. This question is one of the frequently asked questions. If you want to visit Iran but you are not married your travel partner, there is no need to worry.


Taarof is a tradition and also a way to show hospitality. Simply, they offer something first but they are expecting not to take the offer and keep declining. As an example when a customer comes to the cashier to pay the cashier says “it’s okay, you don’t need to pay.” It is taarof. If the customer insists on paying, the cashier accepts the payment. So be sure you insist on paying in restaurants, taxi and bazaar etc.


If we have to describe it with one word, that word would be “awful”. Drivers are crazy here. Nobody complies with the rules and we are doubt if there are any traffic rules anyways. It is too hard to cycle in this country. Even walking on the roads is not easy.


As an additional information, health services are not expensive in Iran. In Tabriz, we went to a special clinic for flu. It cost 19.000 Tomans for the doctor and 17.000 Tomans for the pills. Approx. 10 euro. In Tehran, we went to a private hospital for Candas’ back pain, it cost 22.000 Tomans for the doctor and 7.000 Tomans for the pills.



  • Accommodation ………………………… 50.000 Toman
  • Inner transportation ………………….. 118.000 Toman
  • Other transportation ………………….. 39.000 Toman
  • Health ………………………………………. 29.000 Toman
  • Communication …………………………. 35.000 Toman
  • Cloth, equipment, bike etc ……………37.000 Toman
  • Indian Visa………………………………… 327.000 Toman
  • Food …………………………………………. 708.000 Toman
  • Total ……………………………….. 1,343,000 Toman
  • Euro Exchange …………………. 318 Euro

Our Route In Iran

iran-route tips for traveling to iran

Tebriz –> Tahran –> İsfahan –> Yezd –> Bandar Abbas –> Hürmüz Adası –> Keşm Adası –> Bandar Abbas –> Şiraz

Tabriz –> Tehran –> Esfahan –> Yazd –> Bandar Abbas –> Hormuz Island –> Qeshm Island –> Bandar Abbas –> Shiraz

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