Esfahan Trip : A Fairy Tale of Iran

Esfahan Trip : A Fairy Tale of Iran

I had a three day long Esfahan trip and I can say that Esfahan is the city that I fell in love with in all the other cities I have visited in Iran. It is a small city with its unique view and excellent architecture. Especially, after a big city like Tehran, Esfahan is the most peaceful city you want to be in.



I am happy to announce that Esfahan is a bike friendly city! There are bicycle roads and traffic in the city is not as horrifying as it is in Tehran. There are some points that you can rent a bicycle and it is free for tourists!


Entrance fee of the museums are usually between 15.00 and 20.000 Tomans for foreign visitors. Since there are mostly photograph exhibitions in the museums I didn’t see the inside of the museums but believe me you don’t lose anything. Besides, even the gardens of the museums are perfectly satisfying.



Playing music on Si-o-seh Pol, İsfahan

Si-o-seh Pol is the longest bridge on Zayandeh river. It is one of the symbols of Esfahan but it also has a sad story nowadays. Five years ago they decided to change the direction of water which feeds Zayendeh River to Yezd because of drought problem. The sad part is that year by year the bridge gets weaker because it’s made of a special stone which is strong as long as it’s wet.


Khajo Brigde is one of the bridges on Zayendeh River. It also has a unique view. There are lots of people having picnic and fun under the bridge.


naksi-cihan-meydan İsfahan

Naqsh-e Jahan Square, İsfahan

No matter where you want to visit you will come by to this beautiful square anyway. It is free to enter. There are many shops that sell traditional souvenirs around the square. The middle of the square is a green area, which gives you the change to have a little picnic and watch around.

The Shah Mosque, the Ali Qapu Palace and Aheikh Lotf Allah Mosque are also situated inside of this square and at the northern side Keisaria gate opens into the Isfahan Grand Bazaar.


naksi-cihan-cami İsfahan


Entrance of the palace is inside of the square. Entrance fee is 20.000 Tomans and as usual I didn’t buy ticket.


The name meaning “Forty Columns” in Persian. It is basically a one-floor building and a pool inside of a very nice garden. Entrance fee is 20.000 Tomans. Walls cover the palace but it is possible to see the inside thanks to holes into the bricks.


Hasht Behesht, meaning “Eight Heavens” is a nice building located in a big park in Esfahan. To enter to the park is free but you should pay 15.000 Toman for the museum. You can simply buy a tea and a vegetarian sambuse for 5.000 Tomans and enjoy your time in the park.


esfahan trip

Vank Cathedral, İsfahan

Vank Cathedral is located in the New Julfa district where mostly non-Muslim people live. Yeah, there are also non-Muslim people living in Iran but they are not allowed to advertise their religion. The entrance fee of the cathedral is 20.000 Tomans.


esfahan trip

View from Sofeh Mountain, İsfahan

Mount Sofeh and Sofeh Park is situated in the south of the city. Sofeh Park is really big and has an awesome view of the city. Many local people and tourists visit the park. Also climbers pass through this park for climbing to Mount Sofeh. Yoı can also climb to the top of the mountain by telecabin by paying 15.000 Tomans.

It is a little bit away from the city center so you should take a taxi or a bus. You should take one of the buses, which go, to Sofeh Terminal and get off at the last station. From this point the park is 10 minutes walking distance.

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