How to use warmshowers while traveling?

How to use warmshowers while traveling?

For the bicycle travelers who are traveling with low budgets like me one of the most important thing is to find a host who knows what a bicycle traveler needs. Warmshower is one of the best web pages where you can find a free accommodation and make friends at the same time. Using Warmshowers may also help you to reduce your expenses while traveling. In this article you will see how to use Warmshowers and can find tips and suggestions as well.

What is Warmshowers?

Warmshowers is an accommodation website which was created for bikers and it is all for free. You know that you can confide your bicycles safely because this page is for bikers and the users are bikers too. If you have ever used web pages such as Couchsurfing before, you will definitely see the difference between those free accommodation opportunities. According to my experiencers, Warmshowers people are a way more caring than others. Because they exactly know what needed and ready to help.

How to use Warmshowers?

If you are wondering how to use Warmshowers I would like to say that signing up is really really easy. The website has different language variations but most of the time English is being used for communication. The comment system is not as much extensive as the Couchsurfing has. You are not able to interfere in other’s comments which was written for you in any ways. In contradistinction to the Couchsurfing, you can edit and delete the comment that you wrote to others. Also, you can add photos in your comments.

Advantages of Warmshowers

One of the best side of Warmshower is that people are marking their home’s location on the map. Many users share their phone numbers in their profiles as well. Thus, you can see near Warmshower users and communicate with them easily. Another and most important advantage is when you are hosted by a person you know that they have a place for your bike and packs too.

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  • Pieter Kuiper
    16 August 2019, 10:35

    There are still free apps in app stores etc, but Warmshowers disabled access in their servers this spring. So now the only way is to use a web browser, also on a mobile phone. Which is much less user-friendly.

    • Melke@Pieter Kuiper
      18 August 2019, 18:19

      Hi there! Thanks for reminding. (The app part should have been deleted anyway. I just missed that part during translation.) By the way, agreed.


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