Vegan restaurants in Istanbul

Vegan restaurants in Istanbul

As a vegan who likes to eat as much as possible I have to admit that there are not much vegan restaurants in Turkey. But still there are several options in Istanbul. Here you can find both all vegan restaurants in Istanbul and restaurants with vegan options.



Muhtelif Mekan, Kadikoy, Yeldegirmeni (Closed 🙁 )


Muhtelif Mekan is one of the most amazing vegan cafes in Istanbul. It is located in Yeldegirmeni and only 5 minutes away from the ferry and metro; 15 minutes away from the metrobus by walk. It is a small cafe and has lovely atmosphere.

They are serving vegan verison of Turkish food such as vegan lahmacun, vegan Turkish kind of breakfast, vegan youghurt and etc. You can also taste delicious cakes and deserts. My favorites are breakfast, cold soup, lahmacun and hot dogs. Prices are reasonable.

istanbulda vegan kafeler

Hoş Atölye, Kadikoy, Yeldegirmeni


A lovely cafe located in Yeldegirmeni where you can eat delicious vegan food and enjoy the atmosphere.

Rulo Lezzetler, Kadikoy

Vegan & Vegetarian

Rulo is located at Kadıkoy, Caferaga neighborhood. It is only 10 minutes away from ferry and metro and 5 minutes from bull statue. I guess we can say that it is one of the cheapest vegan cafes in Istanbul. Basically there are different types of ingredients which you can prepare vegan rolls. The portions are pretty big and satisfying.

Ben Chia, Kadikoy

Vegan & Vegetarian

Ben Chia is a place where you can eat healthy. They do not use refined sugar in any products and they are only preparing hand made stuff. You can find vegan, gluten-free, suger-free options in Ben Chia.

istanbulda vegan kafeler vegan burger

Jeni Falafel & Rolls, Suadiye

Vegan & Vegetarian & Pescetarian

Jeni falafel & rolls is located parallel to Bagdat Street. They are serving falafel and tofu rolls and burgers. Portions are big, prices are reasonable.

Aşina, Kadikoy

Vegan & Vegetarian

Aşina is a restaurant where you can try delicious vegan and vegetarian olive oil dishes. They serve different types of food as well. Grechka patota salad, beluga lentil salad, beans with tahini are my favourite. You can prepare a plate for yourself. Portions are big and satisfying.

Po Juicery, Kadikoy

Vegan & Vegetarian

Po Juicery is a place where you can try different types of juice and vegan & vegetarian food.

Falafella, Kadikoy

Vegan & Vegetarian

Falafella is basically serving falafel and olive oil dishes. Falafel burger, falafel salad, falafel wrap are some dishes from the menu.


Veganarsist, Nisantasi and Kadikoy


Veganarsist is one of the most famous vegan restaurants in Istanbul. They are serving vegan versions of almost every Turkish food. You can try Urfa Kebab, speacial meatballs, wet burger, muscles, lahmacun, tantuni and more. They also have delicious cakes. Prices are reasonable.

Community Kitchen, Taksim


Community Kitchen is a lovely small restaurant located in Taksim. You reach easily from Taksim square in 10 minutes by walk. Iskender is one of the most delicious food I’ve ever tried there. You can also try vegan baklava.

Yuzu, Karakoy


If you like Asian restaurants you can visit Yuzu in Karakoy to eat delicious vegan food. Pad Thai and coconut puding are my favourites. Prices are not so expensive.

Bi Nevi Deli, Etiler


If you are looking for healthy and vegan food this is place has what you are looking for. Everything in their menu is delicious for sure. They have different types of vegan burgers, rolls and cakes. Prices are a high. You have to pay double when comparing to other vegan restaurants and portions are small but still they are delicious!

Vegan İstanbul, Cihangir


Vegan Istanbul is usually serving vegan versions of Turkish homemade food. They have different olive oil meals everyday. Besides they also have deserts. Prices are reasonable. You can prepare plates including 3 or 4 types of meal for 20-25 TL.

KafeNa Sanat, Beşiktaş

Vegan & Vegetarian 

This little cafe is only 5 minutes away from Besiktas square. Their menu is 99% vegan. They also have a little shop section where you can buy vegan ingredients. Prices are reasonable, portions are satisfying, food is delicious.

Zencefil, Beyoglu

Vegan & Vegetarian 

Zencefil is a lovely restaurant located near Taksim square. It only takes 2-3 minutes to go there. Restaurant is not a vegan restaurant but they have vegan opitons. They have Turkish homemade food and deserts. Prices are quite expensive comparing to similar restaurants.

istanbulda vegan kafeler


Other than vegan cafes there are some other places which have vegan options in their menu. I do not usually prefer to go there but they are awesome choices to visit with meat-eater friends.

Alfred, Kadıkoy

Alfread is a taco place where you can try vegan taco. Let me just tell you that their taco is not the best but still it is something if you love tacos.

West Cakery, Hasanpasa

You may find vegan deserts such as banana cake, carrot cake and etc.

Manca Ev Yemekleri, Kadıkoy

There are so many vegan & vegetarian options in Manca. Vegan kebap, vegan omlette, different kinds of wraps are some of the vegan options in their menu.

Wake and Cake, Caferaga

For those who cannot say no to desert they have delicious vegan desert option.

Cafes & Restaurants I haven’t been yet

Vegisso, Sisli (Vegan)

Parsifal, Beyoglu (Vegan)

Kem küm, Kadıköy (Vegan)

Mahatma, Yeldeğirmeni (Vegan)

Govinya, Mecidiyekoy (Vegan & vegetarian)

Falafel House, Taksim (They have vegan options)

Falafel Köy, Beyoglu (They have vegan options)

Deli, Kadıkoy (They have vegan options)

Bina, Kadıkoy (They have vegan options)

Küff, Yeldegirmeni (They have vegan options)

Pasaj Cook Book, Moda (Vegan & vegetarian)

Tight Aggressive, Kadıkoy (Vegan)

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