Vegan options in Bozcaada

Vegan options in Bozcaada

On my way to Bozcaada, just like in other places I went to, a question if I can find vegan food easily appeared in a corner of my mind. In fact, I’ve been eating vegan for a long time that I don’t have to worry about this. Now I know that I can find vegan food in any situation and condition, and many foods around me are actually vegan. But when you love to eat like me, you want to know in advance what extent you can eat the things you desire. If there are vegans who are going to Bozcaada and who are thinking about what to eat or those who have lactose intolerance, I have good news: You are very lucky in terms of vegan options in Bozcaada! While you have the opportunity to find enough vegan food to be full by eating different foods for 3 meals, if you want to eat dessert after your meal, Bozcaada craftsmen also meet this need.

What are the vegan options in Bozcaada?

Your breakfast is from Çiçek Patisserie!

 Interestingly, I ate the first vegan pastry of my life in Bozcaada, where I came up with the worry about whether I could find something vegan. This vegan pastry is sold in Bozcaada’s famous Çiçek Patisserie. I think it is because I came across fresh pastries every time I go there, I liked these pastries very much. The price of the vegan pastry was 6 TL. It can be said that it is a little expensive, but this is not because the pastry is vegan. It’s a circumstance about the prices of Çiçek Patisserie. But you can still get enough with two pastries. In terms of being a reference, I was able to fill up with 2 pastries as a person who likes to eat.

Your vegan sandwich is from Boboz!

Vegan options in Bozcaada

You can buy a full vegan sandwich for 25 TL at the famous sandwich shop named Boboz in the center of Bozcaada. You can look at the map to find out where Boboz is, or follow the queue, which starts an hour before sunset time. The vegan sandwich includes vegan salami, vegan cheddar, acuka, roasted peppers, tomatoes and lettuce. The sandwich is really delicious and very satisfying. In my opinion, this sandwich ranks first in the taste ranking of the list of vegan options in Bozcaada.

Vegan options in Bozcaada

For those who are wondering, the sandwich is made with such bread. It is ideal to divide it into two and eat it as two meals. Personally, I couldn’t finish this huge sandwich in one go and ate it in two meals.

Let’s not forget the vegan ice creams!

Vegan options in Bozcaada

There are more than one vegan ice cream options at both Çiçek Patisserie and Turkay Dondurma. Since I usually stopped by Çiçek Patisserie in the early hours of the morning to buy pastries, I could not try their ice cream somehow. But, the lemon ice cream I tried at Turkay Dondurma was delicious. I didn’t get a positive answer from any other places I asked if they have vegan ice creams. But still there are many ice cream shops in Bozcaada. Maybe they have vegan ice cream. Of those I asked, it was only these two places that said they made vegan ice cream.

Home Cooking in Bozcaada

In addition to the above-mentioned foods with the phrase “vegan” in front of the name, a large part of the vegetable dishes served in the restaurants that make home cooking meals in the center of Bozcaada are also vegan. (In fact, all of the meals I ate were vegan and they said they only used olive oil in vegetable dishes. But I didn’t want to write that they were all vegan just in case they could put butter or something into a meal. It would be better if you ask again and take your food for sure.)

I have no doubt that you will especially love sandwiches and vegan pastries. Enjoy your meal!

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