Swimming in Bozcaada | Best Bays To Swim

Swimming in Bozcaada | Best Bays To Swim

Bozcaada, which is at the top of the list of places to visit when summer comes and is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in our country, provides a great sea experience with its excellent bays. I explained the most beautiful and comfortable bays swimming in Bozcaada. As you can imagine, the most well-known bays of Bozcaada are extremely crowded, especially on holidays and special days. But fortunately, there are so many bays on the island that you can find some quieter ones than others. By the way, let me remind you right away, whichever bay you go to, it is useful to be careful when swimming. There are too many sea urchins in the water. You can imagine that the stony parts are already full of sea urchins, but sea urchins can be found not only in stony areas but also in sandy areas! Perhaps you may consider getting a sea shoe to avoid taking risks and to solve this problem completely.

Which bay should be visited to swim in Bozcaada?

Ayazma Beach

Ayazma Beach is known as the most famous bay of Bozcaada. Aside from being extremely crowded on holidays, it is not considered very calm in normal times, too. You can reach this bay by minibuses. Compared to other bays on the island, there is a very wide sandy beach. Sunbeds and beach umbrellas can be rented on the beach. There are toilets, showers, and changing rooms that you can use. At the same time, the snack bar and restaurants around the bay are constantly serving. The bay is extremely crowded actually due to all these possibilities. 

Sulubahçe Bay

Sulubahçe Bay, which is just ahead of Ayazma Beach, can be reached by using minibuses. Since this place is right next to Ayazma, we can say that it has almost the same facilities. Although not as much as the Ayazma, this bay is not calm either. It’s pretty crowded here during the holidays.

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Aquarium Bay

Aquarium Bay is a small bay that you can only be reached by personal vehicle. There is a very small sandy beach which lets you to have the fun of swimming in Bozcaada pretty much. It is very calm on weekdays, but that tiny bay is crowded on the weekends. Unfortunately, there are no facilities such as showers, toilets, changing rooms or restaurants in the bay. However, a boat docks for food and beverage sales on weekends, and people meet their needs from this boat.

Beylik Bay

Another beautiful bay is Beylik Bay. However, this bay, which you can reach by personal vehicle, is one of the bays that are flooded with visitors at the weekends, although it is calm on weekdays. I have to say that there are no facilities such as showers, toilets, changing rooms, restaurants in the bay.

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Çamlık Bay

Çamlık Bay is not considered as popular as other bays, although it is larger than them. I guess it is because of the effects of the winds blowing in the bay all the time and the light mossy sea. This place is top of the list of places preferred by especially those who want to do kitesurfing due to its wide coastline and wind. Here, too, there are no facilities like showers, toilets, changing cabins, or restaurants.

Ayana Bay

Ayana Bay, which visited despite its small coast due to its beautiful sea and less wind, is much calmer than other bays at the weekend. There are no facilities such as showers, toilets, changing rooms, restaurants in the bay.

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Tuzburnu Bay

Tuzburnu Bay is actually a pleasant place, but it is one of the places that people do not prefer because of the heavy winds. Even so, if you want to go to Tuzburnu Bay, you can enjoy a sea view from the hill by stopping by the lighthouse on the right while going to the bay. Similarly, there are no facilities such as shower, toilet, changing cabin, or restaurant in this bay.

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