Campgrounds in Bozcaada | Bozcaada Camping

Campgrounds in Bozcaada | Bozcaada Camping

Bozcaada with its beautiful bays and cool winds without a doubt is one of Turkey’s best holiday route. There are many hotels and hostels to meet the high demand on the island, which is frequently flooded by local and foreign tourists during the summer months. I have some sad news for those who prefer camping instead of staying at the hotel during their travels. There are not much campgrounds in Bozcaada. In fact, there is only one campground on the island. Apart from this campsite, it is forbidden to set up a tent and camp anywhere in Bozcaada.

If you have a caravan or a vehicle tent, you don’t need to worry. Because caravans and on-vehicle tents are not included in this ban. So if you wish, you can stay in the caravan, sleep in your vehicle tents, but you cannot camp by setting up a tent. Especially in the bays, there are also warning signs stating that tents cannot be set up and camp fire is not allowed. Of course, despite this ban, there are those who camp in various bays of the island. But according to the information we received from the gendarmerie, these tents were picked up when they come across. That’s why it’s best not to take risks.

Campgrounds in Bozcaada

In fact, I support the ban on camping in Bozcaada as a camper. Despite all the crowds in the bays, I guess that there is no garbage that is the result of this practice as much as the municipality’s skill. Of course, there is no rule that only campers leave garbage, but if camping is free, the crowd in these bays will significantly damage the environmental cleanliness.

Let’s put these aside for now. Yes, we said camping on the island is prohibited. Now let’s talk about campgrounds in Bozcaada.

Bozcaada Camping

Bozcaada Camping, the only campsite in Bozcaada, provides tent camp, caravan camp and bungalow accommodation services. The facility is open from May to October. The campsite does not have a private beach, but it is enough to walk for a few minutes to reach the sea. Ayazma and Habbele Beach is 400 meters away, and Sulubahçe Beach is 200 meters away from Bozcaada Camping. Also, I have to say it’s an extremely crowded campsite because it offers the cheapest legal accommodation on the island.

Prices at Bozcaada Camping

Even if I said cheap, don’t be misunderstood. I am telling you by comparing Bozcaada’s hostel prices, which start at around 300 TL per night. It is not possible to call this place cheap by comparing it with other campsites. In July 2019, tent accommodation prices are 45 TL per person with your own tent, and it was 60 TL per person with a tent to be rented from the facility. In fact, the high prices of such a place may not be a correct criticism. After all, we are talking about a place where there is no competition and high demand. The price of a place like this may not be the right criticism. After all, we’re talking about a place where there’s no competition and there’s a lot of demand.

Campgrounds in Bozcaada: Bozcaada Camping

Campgrounds in Bozcaada

Aside from the prices, the tent camping area, which I don’t like at all, was a garage-like structure where all the tents were lined up and covered with sheet metal protection. I have to admit that the existence of such campsites entered my life very late. It was the first time I saw that such a campsite was really offered and demanded in a way that I could not imagine at Ada Camping in Cunda Island. (What a coincidence that the name of the place is the same.) The campsites that I visualize are generally camping areas with soil and green backgrounds where each tent is set up at a distance to have a special area. That’s why I am surprised when I see places like this.

The concept of camping in this campsite has nothing to do with nature camping, maybe a camping concept that we can describe as a holiday camp. (Normally) That’s why I didn’t feel comfortable staying here and I chose to sleep in my car, which will soon turn into a trailer. I say this especially if you expect a camping site like me so that you don’t be disappointed when you can’t find what you hoped for.

Bozcaada Camping

  • Tent area: Yes
  • Bungalov: Yes
  • Caravan camping: Yes
  • Restaurant: Yes
  • Wc & Shower: Yes
  • Electricity: Yes
  • Service: Yes
  • Private beach: Nope. The closest bay is 200 mt away.

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Bozcaada Camping Transportation

You can easily reach the campsite by minibuses departing from the center of the island, by private vehicles and by taxi. There is a parking lot for your private vehicles in the campsite.

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