Where to go in January in Turkey : Things to Do in Turkey in January

Where to go in January in Turkey : Things to Do in Turkey in January

Turkey, offering several beauties during all four seasons, promises entertaining and enriching experiences in January as well for those who love traveling. If you are imagining a vacation in which you can feel all beauties of winter and wonder where to go in January, our piece of suggestions for January may be the thing you are looking for. Here it is, places to visit in Turkey in January and things to do in Turkey in January.

January in turkey

Where to go in Turkey in January?

If you don’t know where to go on vacation in January, I say don’t miss these 5 places to move your winter holiday to another level.


Cappadocia offers a magical view especially in January in which everywhere is covered, or should be covered, in snow. You may be sure that despite the cold weather, the sun will salute you from time to time. In here, don’t forget to visit Deverant Valley, Paşabağ Valley, and Uçhisar Castle and to stay in cave hotels.  Also, of course, I suggest you not return before trying the balloon tour because it’s well worth it. 


When thought things to do in Turkey in January, winter vacations shouldn’t be passed over. Uludağ has a special place in winter vacations. My recommendation for those who want to ski and enjoy the snowy weather is Uludağ. Especially if you don’t want to miss festivals and parties, you should give a chance to Uludağ in January. 

Ayder Plateau 

Ayder Plateau, usually the choice of ones who want to get away from summer heath, is actually one of the primary places to visit in Turkey in January. In Ayder Plateau, you can enjoy nature away from the summer crowd and experience the magical beauties of the Black Sea Region up close. Most importantly, I should specify that healing thermal springs are worth exploring. Ayder Plateau is definitely worth visiting with its high oxygen, lush green trees, and symbolic houses. 


You should stop by Sarıkamış if you want to enjoy eastern Anatolia in January. Sarıkamış which has crystal snow like Alps is a wonderful place for those who want to ski. You can have an impressive winter vacation in Sarıkamış, containing several shades of green. If you happen to pass, I should tell you that you should visit Katerina Mansion and Historical Mıcıngret Castle. As a matter of fact, if you have time, you can visit Ani Ruins which is one and a half-hour away, and Çıldır Lake which is approximately two hours away, while you are there. You may even see the frozen state of the lake if you’re lucky. 

Abant Lake

Another place that may fascinate you in January is Abant Lake. Abant Lake, promising a scene like a postcard, lets you to took impressive photos and guarantees you to have a peaceful vacation. Definitely add Abant Lake to your places to visit in Turkey in January list. 

January in turkey

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January in Turkey: Where & Which Activities to Do

After mentioning places to visit in January, let’s mention things to do in January. You can, of course, do whatever you want whenever you want but some months promise the best opportunities for some activities. The activities you can experience in January in Turkey, a heavenly beautiful country, may be listed as: 

  • You can have a ski delight in Erzurum Palandöken. 
  • You can have a balloon tour in Cappadocia and disappear in the sky. 
  • You can walk on Çıldır Lake for an extraordinary experience. 
  • You can visit Artemis Temple and discover amazing structures.
  • You can ski in Sarıkamış.
  • You can take a tour in huge shopping place Kapalıçarşı if you happen to be in Istanbul.
  • You can enjoy winter camping in Kozak Plateau in Bergama.
  • You can enjoy the Black Sea Region’s plateaus peacefully, without the crowd. 
  • You can join day-long tours, ski, or skate in Uludağ.
  • You can spend a romantic weekend in Abant Lake.
  • You can have a winter camp in safe locations.

Where to Stay in Turkey in January?

There are many places to visit in this country. It has so many options for an unforgettable vacation regardless of the season. Even though vacations longer than a few days are most popular in summer, I can assure you that it is possible in January as well. If you are going to accommodate for a longer time, you can prioritise the locations which look perfect on these cold days and demonstrate the beauties of the season. My recommendations for accommodation in January are: 


I may say Sapanca Lake is an ideal option for nature lovers with its great scene in January. Sapanca, attracting especially with being near Istanbul, has numerous accommodation options. To your heart’s desire, you can stay at free camp sides at the edge of Sapanca Lake, in bungalow hotels or villa hotels, and bungalows in the hills of Sapanca, and you can have a holiday away from the stress of the city. 

I recommend you pay attention to the environment of the place while choosing where to stay. With the increasing bungalow tourism, there are many bungalows built in ridiculous places. Some bungalows are just at the edge of highways while others are next to cell towers. If you don’t want to spend your holiday near a howling highway, be sure to check the environment of the place you rent. 

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If you enjoy thermal tourism and seek a vacation to warm your bones, you can consider paying a visit to nature’s wonder Yalova. Since Yalova serves with its several thermal facility hotels, you can have a pretty exclusive thermal vacation there. 

Don’t forget to share your recommendations on the places to visit in Turkey in January and things to do in Turkey in January if you have any. If you wonder about things to do in each season in Turkey, you can find the articles written for every month here; 12 Months in Turkey

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