Best Things To Do In Turkey | 20 Tips From a Local

Best Things To Do In Turkey | 20 Tips From a Local

If you love traveling and exploring Turkey could be an extremely ideal country when it comes to doing extraordinary activities or experiencing particular things. In this post, I wanted to list some of the different things you can do in Turkey. I’m sure you have not tried many of these yet. If you are want to know best things to do in Turkey, read on! 20 suggestions from a turkish girl who loves to travel!

If there are activities that you know about but are not listed here, don’t forget to share them in the comments section at the end of the post.


Take a walk on the historical peninsula in Istanbul

best things to do in turkey

The peninsula, also known as the walled city, is an authentic place where you can see the old Istanbul periods exactly. A short walk on the peninsula with both the view of Bosphorus, the sea, and the Golden Horn, can offer an insight into ethnic cultures and historical fabric extremely.

This item may seem very simple to be included in the best things to do in Turkey post, but you would be surprised if you knew how many people lived in Istanbul but had never seen the surroundings of Sultanahmet. Think about the people living in different provinces! If you are one of them, don’t forget to add the historical peninsula to your list of places to visit and take a plenty of photos by sparing a day or two.

Take a tour of the Aegean with a caravan

best things to do in turkey

The Aegean is an enormous place that makes someone peaceful with its beach and natural texture. The caravan is a wonderful option to visit this region, which is home to many beautiful bays to explore and dozens of amazing villages worth-seeing, because you can explore the deserted bays and stay in them as long as you want, as all your needs will be with you.

I can swear that a 2-week caravan tour in the Aegean, which is engraved in the hearts of many of us with its sea and nature, will add entirely new excitement to your life. But I can’t prove that. If you have never done so before, I would say plan an Aegean tour starting from Canakkale and extending southward.

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See Cappadocia

best things to do in turkey

Fairy Chimneys, which make Cappadocia region such a famous and cause domestic and foreign tourists to flock to the region, are among the most important and special structures to be seen in Turkey. If you visit in the right season, you can walk through the valleys that extend between fairy chimneys and tour around as you wish.

Besides, ATV tours for adventure lovers and balloon tours for those who want to look at the fairy chimneys from a different point of view are among the most popular activities in the region. If you are looking for calmness instead of adventure, you can also watch the balloons taking off in the early hours of the morning and the stars covering the blue sky on the advancing hours of the night.

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Go to Ani Ruins

best things to do in turkey

When it comes to Kars, many people first think of Ani Ruins and its calm view. (Okay, I admit, maybe many people first think of aged Kars Kashar cheese and the Eastern Express, but Ani Ruins are probably in the top three.) These buildings, which date back to ancient times and were listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2016, are at the top of the places worth-seeing to see in the region.

If you happen to pass by Kars, you should definitely see Kars Castle, Ani Ruins, and even Sarikamis and Cildir Lake after a short walk in the center while you are there.

Take boat trips

Another activity that can easily find a place in the list of best things to do in Turkey is a boat trip. Bout trips are famous especially in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, which are known for their beautiful bays. If you have never been on boat trips up to now, you should experience that at least once. Sailing by boat and spending a few days in vast waters can really change your whole mood.

I can guarantee that if you take a boat trip with a small group (preferably your group of friends), you will not regret it. Put aside questions about comfort in your mind and give this experience a chance. (If you feel seasick, the nausea bracelets are completely useless, so don’t waste your money for it. After a day or two, you get used to it.)

Visit Bozcaada

best things to do in turkey

Bozcaada, located within the borders of Canakkale, is a place that is both worth-seeing and missed. Although the annual vine-harvest festival in Bozcaada, known for its vineyards and wine, is one the main reasons why many people flock to the region, I think Bozcaada it a place worth going even just to enjoy the view in its wonderful bays.

There’s not much to do on the island, which is quite small. So, a two- or three-day trip will suffice to visit all the bays and experience activities such as watching the island-specific sunset, wine tasting. (The author means to take the time here for two or three days and make sure you go to Bozcaada.)

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Visit ancient cities

If you are interested in ancient cities, one of the most enjoyable best things to do in Turkey is to visit the ancient cities. Especially Izmir, Antalya, Didim and Mersin are among the places that will offer you great views in this respect. It is possible to run across the ruins of an ancient city almost everywhere in this region, which is home to ancient civilizations.

Although I’m not very keen on history, wandering in ancient cities fascinates me for a reason. Especially when I read about the places I have been to and visualize what people have done around here in the past, I feel like I’m in a minimal simulation. My favorite ancient city, which I have visited every summer in recent years and fell in love in a way that I cannot understand, is the Ancient City of Miletus.

Go to Phrygia

best things to do in turkey

Afyon, which is far from a glamorous holiday destination, is home to a wonderful natural beauty that most people don’t know about. The Phrygia valley, located within the borders of Afyon, is an amazing place that stands out with its fairy chimney formations and historical ruins.

The area, where you can see ruins from the Phrygia period, has a really beautiful nature as well as the ruins. (Yes, I keep talking about Afyon.) If you go with someone who knows the area, you can take an extremely pleasant walk in the valley.

Visit Oludeniz

best things to do in turkey

Oludeniz, located in Fethiye district of Mugla, has a wonderful natural beauty with its turquoise waters and enormous views. Also, Oludeniz, known as the most beautiful beach in the world, offers sports such as skydiving or different water sports.

Go to Turkish bathhouse

If you ask what the bathhouse is doing on this list, as someone who loves the bathhouse very much, I think every person should definitely go there once in their life and wear that Turkish bath loincloth and get rubbed with a coarse bath-glove.

Going to the bathhouse is equivalent to many adventures that you can really experience thanks to both the air and the lightness that comes with cleaning. I can also bet you will want to go at regular intervals once you go to the bathhouse.

Walk the Lycian way

best things to do in turkey

If you love hiking and enjoy being in nature, the Lycian, which has a view of the sea on one side and a forest view on the other, is one of the routes you should definitely walk. Thanks to the pre-marked points, you can easily walk the trails, and you can find detailed information about this route on the Internet.

It is said that it takes as long as 25 or 45 days to walk this path, which has various trails, so you might want to consider walking some of it, if not all. If you like the Lycian way, don’t forget to add the Carian way to your list of places to walk.

Paragliding in Oludeniz and Pamukkale

best things to do in turkey

Paragliding is one of the most popular extreme sports today. Needless to say, it would be an unforgettable experience to do this sport in places with legendary landscape, such as Oludeniz or Pamukkale. Be sure to add this item to your list of activities to be done in Turkey.

Watch sema performance in Konya

Konya, known for its sema performances, offers an extremely pleasant atmosphere for people who want different experience or a different ambience. You may not have much interest in sema shows, but I’m sure you will still get a whole new feeling while watching this ritual.

Take a Bosphorus tour in Istanbul

best things to do in turkey

If you want to see the views of Istanbul from different perspectives and take a few hours of your own, be sure to take a tour of the Bosphorus. In this way, you can get the chance to watch the beauties of the seaside more closely, and you can spend a few hours calmly.

Travel the mountains of the Eastern Black Sea Region

best things to do in turkey

Eastern Black Sea is one of the most beautiful regions of Turkey with its natural beauties. Although the Black Sea is not as popular in summer as the Aegean, it makes a strong impression with its enormous forest landscapes in spring and autumn. Especially the plateaus in Rize and Artvin are definitely worth-seeing. If you haven’t been to these areas yet, make sure to add them to your list of places to visit.

See the Mount Nemrut

best things to do in turkey

Since we talked about the mountains and plateaus of the Black Sea, we should mention another remarkable place in our country: Mount Nemrut. Although it is a bit troublesome to climb Mount Nemrut, which fascinates everyone who sees it and attracts attention with its different atmosphere and ruins, it is guaranteed that you will not regret it.

Travel with the Eastern Express

best things to do in turkey

The Eastern Express journey, which has been incredibly popular in recent years and which has caused tour companies to buy tickets in advance and victimize those who use the train for necessity, can now be made for touristic purposes with the latest arrangements.

During this journey, which takes about 24 hours, you can see wonderful views along the way. Indeed, the views you will see have a different beauty both in summer and in winter.

Visit Salda Lake

best things to do in turkey

Salda Lake, known as the Maldives of Turkey, fascinates everyone who sees it with its white sands. The lake, which has recently been destroyed by those who want this popularity to turn into cash, will hopefully still preserve its natural beauty until you go and see it.

Kite surf in Akyaka

If you are looking for an extreme sport to do in Turkey, kite surfing is one of the sports you should definitely consider. There is no doubt that you will enjoy kite surfing, especially in the Akyaka region, which is famous for its thermal winds.

Dive in Kas

best things to do in turkey

Yes, it’s time for one of the most beautiful activities to do in Turkey. While diving is a passion for some, it can be a cause for great fear for others, but without doing so, it should not be said that I saw the sea. Personally, I’ve added this item, which I still don’t dare do because of my fear, to my to-do list this year. I think you should do the same. You can explore the beauties below as well as above the sea by diving in Kas.

If you’re looking for something fun to do in Turkey, I’m sure this list will work for you. Don’t forget to add your selected items to your to-do list this year.

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