Tehran Travel Guide For Everyone

Tehran Travel Guide For Everyone

We spent more than 20 days in the capital city of Iran and we are proud to see almost everywhere in the city and prepared a Tehran travel guide . When we first came to Tehran we were disappointed because Tehran is too crowded and complicated city. That’s why we couldn’t even find to place to go in Tehran. We should warn you that traffic is another serious problem and the city is not cycling-friendly.

After few days spent basically doing nothing useful, we met some people that helped us to find good places to visit.

Tehran Travel Guide For Everyone



The city is not tidy but it is possible to visit the entire city by using only metro. Besides, taking a bus is not a good idea when you consider the traffic problem. They also have special buses that work in a separate line that is pretty useful but metro is way much better.

Ticket prices for transportation are really low. We usually used metro and it costs 250-300 Tomens for each. It is really necessary and cheaper to have a transportation card if you are going to use transportation often. For the metro, if you also use your transportation card at the exit it returns some of the money as well. On the other hand this transportation card can be used for other vehicles that is really practice. Here is the trick; one card can only be used for one person. If you want to use it again you have to wait for 15 minutes.

Women and men are allowed to get in same bus but their seats are separated. In metro first two and last two wagons are for women only. Women can also get in other wagons but men are not allowed to get in women only wagons.


Taxi is also cheap but there is no taximeter in the taxi so it is possible to be cheated as a tourist. There are also some private taxis that are cheaper than the usual ones. No matter which taxi you take, tell them the address, bargain before you get in and be sure that they understood. There are also some motorbike taxis in Tehran. We have never tried it but there were many people who use. There is also an app to make your taxi experience easier which is called Snapp which you can use in English. You can see the prices from where you are to where you want to go.



Tahran streets around Golestan Palace

Tehran is crowded and big city. Everyone is in a rush and traffic is terrible. Especially in winter there is also another big problem called: air pollution. It is better to visit Tehran in March when it is Nevroz. In Nevroz, everyone leaves the city for holiday!



sadabad-palace Tehran travel guide

Entrance of Sadabad Palace

Sadabad Palace is only 15 minutes walk away from the Tajrish station, which is the last station of red line. You can also take a taxi from the Tajrish Square. Please keep in mind that you have to go up just a little bit if you choose to go there by foot. Sadabad Palace is a big complex including many buildings and museums. The complex is open between 08:00-16:00.

Entrence fee is a little bit expensive for us. When you calculate it according to exchance rate of Dolar and Euro it is not expensive. Fee for the cheapest museums starts with 2,500 Tomans for Iranian Citizens and 8,000 Tomans for foreign visitors. Other museums are 2,500 Tomans for citizens and 15,000 Tomans for the foreign visitors. If you want to buy a ticket for the entire complex, you should pay 150,000 Tomans.


One of the museums in Sadabad Palace

Since it was too expensive for us we didn’t buy a ticket. We just get inside to see the garden. (It is free) We didn’t see the inside of the buildings but garden was also awesome.

In addition, Tajrish is pretty colorful place. There are many places to eat, shops that you can find almost everything. There is also a little historic bazaar called Tajrish Bazaar. It is only takes 15 minutes to walk all the bazaar and not crowded at all. Prices are normal because mostly local people shop there.


Tajrish Bazaar, Tahran


The closest metro station to Golestan Palace is Emam Khomeini station in red line. For the people who already have been in Istanbul, this area is like Sultanahmet. Golestan Palace is one of the oldest historic monuments in Tehran. In the palace there are 16 different museums that you can visit. But the prices were expensive for us as same as the Sadabad Palace. So we only see the its garden which was marvelous with one word.

golestan-palace tehran travel guide

One of the museums in Golestan Palace

You can also visit Park-e Shahr, means the City Park, in this area near Golestan Palace.

Historic Tehran Bazaar is also located in this era. It is pretty big and you can find everything in this bazaar. Prices are not expensive since local people also shop here. But it is too crowded.


Niavaran Palace is also a comlex and consists of several buildings and monuments with its big garden. It is a little bit far from the city center and if you want to use metro you will be have to change lines. The palace is located near to Aghdasiyeh station in blue line but metro doesn’t stop there since this line is still under construction. The nearest station is Nobonyad and it takes 15 minutes by walk. Even if the palace is closed you can still visit the café in the garden but it is not free. The fee for tourists is 15.000 Tomans. There is also another big park next to Niavaran Palace which is also very nice –and free!


Azadi Tower, also known as Shahyad Tower is one of the symbols of Tehran. It is also important for people because it was a place that meetings held in revolution times. To visit Azadi Tower you should take a metro and it is 2 minutes away from Meydan-e Azadi station in yellow line. We should tell you that there is nothing to see here but than Azadi Tower.


Milat Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Tehran. It is standing at 435 metres from base to the tip of the antenna. It is possible to go to the top and see the city. There is also a revolving restaurant at the top of the tower, which is pretty expensive.

sadabad-palace-binalar Tehran travel guide

One of the museums in Sadabad Palace


Tehran University is at the Meydan-e Engilab-e İslam station in yellow line. The place that the university located is very busy and there are many shops you may find everything you need.

There are also many outdoor shops around and you can go there 15 minute walking. But remember most of the outdoor products are fake here.


Tahran Friday Bazaar

Friday Bazaar, Tahran

The Friday Bazaar is a popular bazaar in Tehran held every Friday morning in a Pervahne parking and it is filled with antiques, clothes and crafts. It is possible to find everything from different kinds of matches to carpets. Crowd becomes increasingly large after morning, so it’s better to get there as early as possible. By the way the parking lot is located near the Embassy of Republic of Turkey which is in the red line, Sa’adi station.


If you are interested in trekking and nature, this is one of the best places in Tehran to visit. Even we were willing to go there, we couldn’t visit this beautiful place because of the weather. It is just 2 or 3 kilometers from the Tajrish metro station which is the last station of red line. You should take a taxi from the Tajrish Square.


As we mentioned before Iran is not the best country for vegetarians but you can find falafel in almost every fast food restaurant. Besides it only costs something between 3,000 and 5,000 Tomans that is really cheap considering the lenth of the bread and other ingredients. There is also another thing we fell in love with. It is called Sambuse and shaped as a triangle. You will see it in all the vitamin bars, fast food restaurants and bakeries. It is made of patato and mostly vegetarian. But it is better to ask before because there are some places cook it with meat as well.

Another funny fact about Iran, since there are not foreign fast food brands it is possible to see Jim Burger instead of Burger King or Kaboody instead of Kentucky.


This is a lovely café that we found in the first days of our trip in Tehran. It is only 5 minutes walk away from the Meydan-e Jahad station, which is on the blue line. The owners are also warmshowers members. They are old cyclists. We say old because they will continue their trips by their awesome caravan! Well we do not want to spoile but first bills for the warmshowers members are on them.



Different designs

Did you know that there are many big parks in Tehran?

Park-e Shahr

Park e Shahr, the City Park, with its 26 hectares, is a major park located near Golestan Palace. Notable sites of the park include –unfortunately- a bird garden, an aquarium, and a central library.

Park Telegani ve Water & Fire Park


Tabiat Bridge, Tahran

These two parks are most famous parks in Tehran. It is famous because of a bridge connecting them. Tabiat (Nature) Bridge is a bridge between two parks Water&Fire Park and Taleghani Park. Teleghani Park is a great place for running and walking. The Water&Fire Park has an exclusive area designed for water-playing, alongside four fire-towers which make fire flames as high as 6 to 8 meters, with the whole presentation accompanied by music.


Tahran Metro Haritası Tehran travel guide

Tahran Metrosu

Where is where?

We had a little bit trouble when we first arrive to Tehran because we couldn’t find where to go and where is where. We made a list of places that you can see and which station they are in. By the way, pink and purple line are not working, they are under construction.

If you want to have a metro map, you can ask for it in the metro stations.

  • Golestan Palace: Red Line, Emam Khomeini
  • Tehran Bazaar: Red Line, Emam Khomeini
  • Park-e Shahr: Red Line, Emam Khomeini
  • Embassy of Republic of Turkey: Red Line, Sa’adi
  • Friday Bazaar: Red Line, Sa’adi
  • Embassy of Germany: Red Line, Sa’adi
  • Sadabad Palace: Red Line, Tajrish
  • Tajrish Bazaar: Red Line, Tajrish
  • Park Telegani: Red Line, Shahid Haghani
  • Water & Fire Park: Red Line, Shahid Haghani
  • Tehran University: Yellow Line, Meydan-e Englab-e İslam
  • Outdoor Shops: Yellow Line, Vali Asr
  • Azadi Tower: Yellow Line, Meydan-e Azadi
  • Dr Coffee Café: Blue Line, Meydan-e Jahad
  • Chitgar Park: Green Line, Chitgar
  • Sorkheh Hesar Park: Dark Blue Line, Shahid Baqeri

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