Shiraz Trip , Iran

Shiraz Trip , Iran

I had a little Shiraz trip during my Iran tour but unfortunately I couldn’t see anywhere in Shiraz because I was trying get ready for my flight most of the time and find boxes to package my bike. Unluckily it was also rainy all the days I was in Shiraz and after three months I spent in Iran, I felt really lazy this time.


I’ve made a long list for the places to be seen including Persapolis before I arrived to Shiraz but this Shiraz trip was quite short. So I’ve only spent time in Ghalat. Ghalat is a small village covered by mountains and 40 minutes away from the city center. It has an awesome landscape. Most of the buildings are almost collapsed and since there are many tourists coming the area new buildings are mostly restaurants and hostels.

There is a famous couchsurfer, Mohammad, lives in Shiraz. As long as you have a sleeping bag you will be welcomed in Mohammad’s home. There is also a small café, which run by Mohammad’s mother, and there is always good food with low prices.

Two rooms of the house are for guests. It may be a little bit crowded but it is really enjoyable. I recommend you to go to Ghalat if you have time.



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