How to Book a Hotel in Iran: A Guide For Booking Hotels in Iran

How to Book a Hotel in Iran: A Guide For Booking Hotels in Iran

Planning a trip to Iran but concerned about the complexities of finding accommodations in Iran? Wondering how to go about making hotel reservations in Iran? Drawing from both my personal experiences and recommendations from Iranian friends, I’ve compiled a guide to help you navigate the process. Discover various methods for reserving hotels in Iran and streamline your travel planning. How to book a hotel in Iran? Keep reading!

Are you set to explore Iran? Negotiating the realm of hotel accommodations within Iran may pose challenges, particularly given the existing restrictions. In this guide, I’ll delve into the art of locating and booking hotels in Iran, sharing insights that can elevate your travel experience.

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Why Iranian Hotels Don’t Accept Reservations from Abroad?

The reasons behind Iranian hotels not accepting reservations from abroad stem from the economic and political constraints present within the country. Limited access to international credit cards and unfortunate complexities in international payment transactions contribute to this challenge. Additionally, the Iranian government’s interest in closely monitoring the lodging and travel arrangements of foreign visitors has led to certain obstacles in facilitating such reservations.

So, what’s the solution? How to book a hotel in Iran? Fear not, in democracies, there’s always a way. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Here’s what you can do to make hotel reservations in Iran.

How to Book a Hotel in Iran: How to Make Hotel Reservations in Iran?

When it comes to making hotel reservations in Iran, you have several straightforward options. Let me briefly outline them for you.

Direct Communication with Hotels: How to Find Hotels in Iran?

If you’re considering staying at a hotel in Iran, reaching out to the hotel directly can be a smart move. You can submit a reservation request through the hotel’s official website or contact details. This way, you can acquire direct information about prices, room options, and payment methods.

So, how can you find hotels in Iran? Use Google Maps to locate the city you’re visiting, and search for keywords like “Hotel” or “Hostel” in that area. Alternatively, you can search keywords like “Hotels in Iran” or “Accommodation in Iran” on Google to explore recommendations from travel blogs.

Online Travel Platforms and Travel Agencies

While international platforms like may not list Iranian hotels, you might find certain hotels on travel websites such as Trivago. These applications can aid you in the hotel reservation process. Such platforms often provide local payment options and streamline the process with English language support.

Furthermore, travel agencies organizing tours to Iran, bus companies, and cargo transportation firms can assist you in making hotel reservations. Ensure the reliability of these companies before making any payments.

Finding Hotels on Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor serves as a platform where travelers share authentic experiences and simplify hotel choices. If you intend to make hotel reservations in Iran, Tripadvisor can be of great help. By perusing reviews from fellow travelers, you can explore hotels and view photographs. Once you find a preferred hotel, you can get in touch via Tripadvisor or visit the official website to make a direct reservation.

In my opinion, if you’re looking for a quick and practical solution for both finding and reserving hotels in Iran, Tripadvisor is an excellent choice.

Discovering Hotels Through Instagram

Many hotels and hostels in Iran maintain an active presence on Instagram. Given its visual nature, Instagram is an excellent resource to understand the ambiance, surroundings, and services of Iranian hotels. By using hashtags related to Iran or specific cities, you can find hotels in the areas you plan to visit.

By searching for hotels on Instagram, you can explore the posts shared by hotels, locate contact information in their profiles, and initiate reservation requests through direct messages.

By the way, I recommend RagRug Hostel and Heritage Hostel where I stayed in Isfahan.

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Alternative Accommodation Options in Iran

In addition to hotels and hostels, you can also consider staying in guesthouses during your time in Iran. While online reservations for these accommodations might not be widely available, it’s a good idea to keep them in mind as a budget-friendly option if you encounter difficulties finding lodging during your travels.

Furthermore, during my 2016 tour of Iran, I predominantly used platforms like Warmshowers, designed for bicycle travelers, and the publicly accessible Couchsurfing website for most of my accommodations. I found it particularly easy to find places to stay, especially in larger cities. If you’re looking to save on accommodation costs in Iran, you too can explore using these applications.

Accommodation Costs in Iran

If you’re aiming to stay in a well-located and decent hostel, dormitory prices range from $2 to $10. For a private room with an en-suite bathroom, prices typically hover around $12 to $25. Hotel prices in Iran generally vary from $30 to $70 per night, depending on the establishment’s quality.

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In a nutshell, while encountering challenges in finding and reserving hotels in Iran is a possibility, employing innovative solutions can streamline the process. Whether you opt for direct communication with hotels, utilize online travel platforms, explore Tripadvisor, or discover hotels on Instagram, you can discover the perfect lodging option for your journey.

If you’re eager to acquire further insights into your Iran journey, I recommend perusing other articles within the “Iran Category” on my blog. The article “Tips for Traveling to Iran” can be particularly helpful as you plan your trip. Remember, being well-prepared is the key to fully immersing yourself in Iran’s captivating world!

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