Decathlon Quechua Hammock Review

Decathlon Quechua Hammock Review

My social media followers are witnessing that the hammock is an indeseable element of my life. I am continuously asked about the differences between other hammocks and my hammock which is called Ticket To The Moon that I like so much and constantly share. If you’re not a continual hammock user and it is an equipment that you are using in few outdoor activies that you joined , Its details and specifications do not matter that much. Even in these situations, all hammock can suppose to be same but that is not the case. One of my frequently asked hammock to me ,is the decathlon hammock. Im here with a review of the Decathlon Quechua hammock to the differences between hammocks and helping your hammock choise.

Decathlon Quechua Hammock Specifications

Hammock Measurements

There are just two types available in hammocks,One of Decathlon hammock type is a 1-Person as a basic and other one is 2-Person.

Tecnique Specilaties of Decathlon Basic Hammock

I declared the types of hammocks up there. First one of it is in below, information that belongs to the 1-Person basic hammock, second one belongs to the 2-Person hammock.

Weight: 415 gr / 950 gr

Dimensions: 260 x 152 cm / 280 X 175 cm

Maximum recommended weight: 110 kg / 220 kg

Fabric Specs

Decathlon hammock’s fabric is poliester. They declareded in their website : “Confortable sleep face with soft textured poliester.” But I don’t think that the fabric is confortable as a personal. Probably this is an effect of using hammocks which made by better fabrics. Before using them, Quechua hammock’s fabric was not bothering me.

Assemble Points

decathlon quechua hammock review

Decathlon Quechua hammock’s assembles are formed from common ropes. As  its installation is hard,It damages the trees. Between two points,the distance can be max4 meter and That is quiet short distance.

Carrying Ease

Hammock can be put up on its own pocket and it has been minimalized. Even if 2-Person one needs more space, 1-Person one takes small place and they’re light, that makes carrying easy.


Both two types of hammocks guaranteded for 2 years. This duration can be accepted less when it is compared with professional hommacks but when we think about the class of product, it is better than nothing.

Practical Tips for Decathlon Quechua Hammock

DEcathlon quechua hammock review perlon

If you want to make hammock installation practical and desire to increase distance of points ,you can buy high-level weighing capacitied slings. The perlon slings I am talking about are safety rope styles, which are on the right as a photo. They are also known as tension strap or luggace strap. You can install hammock at any distance with the help of these slings and you can install the hammock practical without the hassle of tying the strings. Also strings wont damage trees.


  • Affordable price
  • Confortable in daily using
  • Easy carrying
  • 2-Year Guaranteded
  • Easy to machine wash


  • Installation is not practic
  • There is a fall uneasiness if you do not knot
  • Small size
  • Unable to choose custom color
  • Can be affect by water and weather condition
  • Not confortable to sleep
  • Ropes damages the trees (Slings should be preferred.)
  • 2-Person Hammock is too heavy
  • Can be affect by sun and rain


It is a good hammock for price but it is not a product that you can use for long term, just for pleasure or hammock camps

You can write your opinion and questions about the Decathlon Quechua hammock review at the comments.

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