Things To Do in Gokceada? : #5 Enjoyable Activities

Things To Do in Gokceada? : #5 Enjoyable Activities

Gokceada is the biggest island in Turkey. It is a great benefactor for those who want to spend their holidays by gaining different experiences. You can do various activities on the island, both natural, cultural and sportive. So, what to do in Gokceada? Here are the #5 great things to do in Gokceada!


Things To Do in Gokceada

Surfing is definitely the first thing that comes to mind when talking about things to do in Gokceada. The island, which has plenty of wind, is especially suitable for kitesurfing and windsurfing. You can get windsurfing training at the training centers located in Kefalos, and kitesurfing training at the Eshelek beach. There are also surf training hotels on the island where you can both stay and benefit from training options. If you come to Gokceada, you should definitely experience different sports even if it is for an hour.


Things To Do in Gokceada

Diving is also one of the first things to do in Gokceada. We can say that diving in Gokceada is a privilege since Turkey’s first and only underwater national park is located here. Gokceada Underwater Park, which was declared a national park by the Turkish Marine Research Foundation in 1999, is located between Yıldızkoy and Kuzulimanı. It is possible to dive through diving centers in this region.


Things To Do in Gokceada

If you like to wander the streets and take photos, you can have a very pleasant time in Gokceeada. Especially the stone houses you will see in the Greek villages, the beautiful flowers spread throughout the island, the sunsets and nature landscapes contain a lot of detail for photographers. I have some suggestions for those who will add photography tour to their list of things to do in Gokceada: Make sure to stop by Pınarbaşı, Kaleköy (Poseidon), Tepeköy, Eski Bademli and Zeytinliköy! You don’t really have to think long and hard about what to do in Gokceada. Grab a camera and start walking the streets. You can also consider taking boat tours and take sea and bay photos.

Boat Tours

Things To Do in Gokceada

One of the most remarkable things to do in Gokceada is boat tours. In this way, you can visit all the bays of the island; You can also visit places where it is not possible or difficult to reach by land by providing transportation from the sea. There are many tour programs you can join on the island. Tours usually start before noon and end in the evening. With Gokceada boat tours, you can visit many places such as Brass Point, Marmaros, Underwater National Park, Blue Bay, Kefalos Cape and Yelken Kaya.

Watching the Sunset

Things To Do in Gokceada

Watching the sunset is definitely the best free activity you can do in Gokceada. This is the first thing I say to those who ask what to do in Gokceada. Moreover, you do not need to do anything extra for this activity. You will go to a hill where you can take your food and drinks and watch the sunset, and you will sit on that hill for hours and watch the the view. That’s all! If you are a sunset person, I have three great places for you: Eski Bademli, Kaleköy and Pınarbaşı!

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