Assos Camping Sites

Assos Camping Sites

Assos, also known as Behramkale, is one of the most preferred places by vacationers owing to being in touch with nature and its sea. There are lots of boutique hotels for the ones who want to stay at a hotel. Assos is also rich in camping sites. So if you like to open your tent’s zip to a beautiful sea view you should definitely visit Assos camping sites as soon as possible. 

Assos Camping Sites

On the way to Behramkale, there are a lot of camping sites by the sea. You can see all these camping sites on the map in order when you google “Assos camping sites”. I had the chance to stay at a few of these camping sites on my previous visits to Assos. Most of these are the beachfront camping sites that offer shower, toilet, refrigerator, and rental tents. Also, prices are reasonable for the most part. These sites might be too crowded not only during special days or weekends but also in an ordinary day due to the ease of access and reasonable prices. Perhaps, you can only find a quiet time before the season begins or when the season is over.

After passing these camping sites, if you go down from Behramkale to the port, you’ll see lots of camping sites and boutique hotels there. Despite being more expensive than the camping sites on the roadside, the good thing about these camping sites is that they are not crowded except for the special days and weekends. I stayed at Assos Plus Camping Site which is on the port area.

About Assos Plus Camping Site

Let me tell you right away: I didn’t choose this camping site after a search. In fact, spending the night in Assos wasn’t even my intention in first place. After passing Behramkale, we realised that we had proceeded a long way through the alleyways. For this reason, we didn’t want to struggle to go back. While we were moving forward hoping that we could find a turn, Assos Plus Camping Site appeared in front of us. While feeling joyful about finding a way to turn, we noticed the empty sunbeds on the piers. There were very few people and the atmosphere was so beautiful that we decided to stay.


The camping site is open in summer and winter. We were very satisfied by our visit in the month of July. It was a clean and tidy camping site and the personnel was very cheerful. Another one of the reasons why we wanted to stay was the beauty of the sea there. In addition to all these, there were nobody else around because we stayed there on weekdays. Hence, we had a very nice time. I don’t know if it could be this good when it was crowded.

Access to Assos Plus Camping Site

After going down the steep from Behramkale to the port, you’ll reach the area through the compulsory road. About 200 kilometers after, you’ll be seeing the signboards of the camping site. As well as it’s easy to access by driving, you can reach by walking along the port. The camping site is 2 kilometers away from Behramkale.  

assos camping sites

Assos Camping Site Rent & Facilities

Caravan camp: As the roads are very narrow in Assos, it’s almost impossible enter with big trailers and towed trailers. Therefore, there is no such service offered for trailer camp. However, transporter style camper vehicles might enter the camping site. You can camp with your camper if you wish. 

Tent camp: You can camp with your tent but there is not much space for personal tent. At best, there is enough space to pitch two tents for 6-7 people each. Reservations for personal tents are not accepted. Therefore, you better call and check the availability before coming here. Since they don’t accept any reservation, I don’t know what happens until you come here though. Still, it’s worth trying because it’s very quiet here except for the special days and holidays.

Tent rental: There are tents you which you can rent in the camping site if you don’t have one. There are double beds laid out with linens in these tents. They have approximately 12 tents for rent. 

Room rental: If you don’t want to camp, there are rooms to rent. These are not bungalow style rooms. They are normal reinforced concrete rooms. The rooms are very clean. Each has 3 beds, a private toilet and a bath in. There 9 rooms like that.

One day enter: If you don’t want to spend the night, you can make a one-day visit and benefit from the pier.


Restaurant: Available.

Electricity: There is electricity in the camping site. But it’s not provided for camper vehicles, rental tents and personal tents. Electricity is provided in common use areas. For that purpose, there are sockets next to almost all tables in the restaurant. If you have too many electronic devices, you may consider bringing a triple outlet with you.

Wifi: There is trouble-free internet in the camping site. 

Cell phone: There is cell phone reception.

Toilet & Bath: Toilets and baths in the camping site are really well made. Both women’s and men’s toilets have 3 toilets and shower baths.

Changing rooms: There are changing rooms in which you can change your clothes.

Beach & Pier: There is no sand beach. There are no sand beaches in any camping site around the region. There are two piers to go swimming. One of these piers has parasols and sunbeds, the other one has lodges. If you’re staying at the site, you don’t have to pay additional fee to use the piers and sunbeds. 

assos camping sites

Assos Plus Camping Site Fees

First of all, I have to say that I don’t have detailed information about the charges in the site. I’ve just gathered information about the accommodation prices just to give an idea for the ones who are planning to come here. You can find out about the other fees in the camping site. The charges here are from July 2019 and they don’t go for special days.

Tent camping fee: For a pup tent you have to pay 100 TL overnight. You just pay for accommodation here and use the facilities of the site for free. Accommodation fee doesn’t include breakfast and dinner.

Tent rental: The charge of renting a tent in the camping site is 150 TL overnight per person. Breakfast and dinner are included. Again, you can use the facilities of the site for free.

Room rental: Room rates are 250 TL per person per night. (1 double and 1 single bed in rooms and private shower, toilet available.) This price includes breakfast and dinner. At the same time, you also benefit from the property free of charge.

Daily check-in: Daily check-in is 20 TL per person.

Note: We didn’t rent any tent here. We stayed in our own tent. And we had breakfast and dinner here. The fee we pay when we stay in our own tent and eat here is almost the same as the fee we would pay if we rented a tent from here. In fact, there is not much difference in terms of budget between staying in a tent and renting a tent. I wanted to give this detail especially for those who are careful with money.

assos camping sites

Things to consider

Things to consider about phone line

There is cell phone reception in the camping site. But in these regions, operators sometimes get lines from the Greek islands. If you don’t want to encounter abnormal fees reflected on your bill after the holiday, you should pay attention. If you encounter such a situation, you can call your operator to explain the situation and request cancellation / refund of the charge.

Things to consider while swimming in the sea

The sea of ​​the camping area is really beautiful. But in this region, there are too many sea urchins. If you’re short like me, you don’t have to worry too much because you can’t hit the ground as long as you enter the sea from the pier. But if you are tall or have the potential to be uneasy with everything like me and you want to be comfortable, it is a good idea to buy sea shoes.

Camp fire

Setting fire in the camp area is unfortunately not possible. You can use your camping stove during your stay here. Those who want to prepare their own meals should check “practical camping meals” post for quick and easy meals.

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