Nallihan Bird Sanctuary is a wonderful place should be visited on the way to Ankara. Area is 130 km far from Ankara and Eskisehir, 300 km far from Istanbul, 100 km far from Bolu and 30 km far from both Beypazari and Nallihan districts. It is one of the important bird areas of Turkey. 179 species of birds have been observed in Nallihan Bird Sanctuary so far. In some years, the number of water birds wintering in the dam passes 50,000. As far as we are informed, it is better to visit area late of April, early of May since there are many birds in the area. It is also possible to go on a trekking in the pink hill named Kıztepesi that can be seen on the photo.


Camping is allowed in the facility. Toilets in the building can be used during camping. However, fire is forbidden so you had better buy food before you arrive. Otherwise closest town for shopping is 5 km away from the building and called Cayırhan. There are many markets in Cayırhan so that it is easy to find anything. In addition to this, there is a hospital in Cayırhan if needed.

nallihan-kus-cenneti-cadir nallihan bird sanctuary


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