5 Rules to preserve nature while camping

5 Rules to preserve nature while camping

Whether you go to camping often or it is your first time your first priority should be not to harm the nature when you move away from the stressful city life and fall into the nature’s arm. We take our souls and try to heal, but apart from this we bring the pieces which are not part of nature when we go to camping. We do have cans, plastic bags, glass bottles and etc. When we leave these pieces, we pollute other creature’s living areas. The nature we loved, we live pleasure in and find peace under favor is our biggest chance. Besides it is home of other living creatures. Because of this we should do whatever we can to preserve nature while camping . Please remember that to make little steps, which look like insignificant, for protecting the nature and world make astronomical effect when they gather. So, what are the things we should care to preserve nature? People who ask what is included to nature love may read the rest of article.

What can we do to preserve nature while camping ?

1. Take everything back you brought with you.

Yes, you heard right. Everything you brought should go back with you, and everything belong there should stay there, actually that alone summaries everything. Although organic waste are easily dissolved in the nature it doesn’t belong our wild friends, we might take care of not to leave them. We should take all of non-organic, non-biodegradable or harmful to the nature stuff with us to throw into the closest trash can for sure. Hence, keep absolutely trash bags (better if they are biodegradable ones) with you in the camp. Collect and take your trash with you in these trash bags when you leave camp area. Furthermore, if it is possible, if you have enough energy and time, you may give a present to the nature by collecting the garbage of other people who have no conscious, pollute nature, and are devoid of respect.

2. Change your single-use plastics.

Nature-friendly life requires avoiding from single-use materials as much as possible. Especially, that single-use materials are preferred in the camps. I would wish that these materials get out from our lives, we never see them again, and prefer multiple-use materials instead of single-use ones. Unfortunately it is not possible practically. I know that our houses are full with plastic spoons, plastic forks, plastic glasses, and wet napkins which we don’t know where they came from. If you use them to finish your stocks, please make sure that you do not leave them to the nature. After you depleted your stocks, you can prefer more long-lived materials.

At least, to start using flask instead of plastic bottles, will decrease your personal plastic consumption considerably. Thanks to my flask which I have been using since 2017 year, I just only bought 6-7 plastic bottles in that time. It is very huge decrease when we think a person consumes approximately 156 plastic bottles per year. So, personal preferences have a big role to start change. We can talk about that change for using a cloth bag instead of plastic bags too. Shortly, we need to start change at one point, and it could be made real to replace single-use materials with multiple-use materials.

preserve nature while camping

3. Do not make a mess in your friend’s house.

We all know that we are guests in the nature. We have friends who live in the places where we camp for ages. Therefore, we should behave as guests and adopt being respectful to our friends’ house as a principle. Do not camp near wild friends’ home. Particularly, we should pay more attention especially in the summer times when living creatures get move. You may take a look at the article “Things to consider while choosing a camp area” for the detailed information about choosing camp area.

4. Do not let your camp fire be forest fire.

Apart from that camp fires are very nice and pleasant, they can present danger to the nature. Especially, fires started unconsciously or camp fires not blown out in the correct way can cause hectares of forest land to burn. To blow out the fire in the correct way is as important as to start the fire correctly and safely. You may look at the article “Things to consider to build a campfire” to be assure that your camps and outdoor activities do not give any harm to anything.

In addition to that, while you are starting a fire, you should be careful about not to give any harm to grasses, trees, and other small living creature. Do not build a fire there if there is no certain area to build a fire, or an area fired on before. It takes many years new plant to grow on soil fire made on. Besides, can you imagine a view of that everybody build their own fires in camp area? Everywhere would be full of ashes and most probably this area would not be in your list of places where you find peace. You may start your fire on the materials such as barbecue, barrel, fire bucket above from ground instead of making on the ground.

preserve nature while camping

5. Take care of meeting your toilet need.

It may sound very inconvenient to meet the need of using toilet during camping. It is a truth, there are people who abstain from camping for that reason alone. However, if you love camping, toilet issue is a negligible detail. If there are no opportunities for toilet and shower in the camp area you should take care of certain rules while meeting the need of using toilet in the nature. These rules are important for environmental cleanliness as well as to keep away wild animals away from your campsite. First, read the article “How to go to toilet while camping” then you decide. This is another way to preserve nature while camping .

6. Use nature-friendly cosmetic products.

Cosmetics are perhaps among the most damaging substances to the ecosystem. Because, everything you can think of as cosmetic products such as shampoo, beauty cream, dishwashing liquid, air freshener, deodorant, toothpaste includes harmful chemicals. These harmful chemicals threaten our entire life space involving from waste water into seas and oceans, soil and atmosphere. And unfortunately, we keep ourselves unaware from all of these and continue with unconscious use every day. Therefore, pay attention to your products you use not only in camps, but also in your daily life, them to be nature-friendly, not to be tested on animals and not to involve harmful chemicals to human and nature. You may have detailed information by reading the article “Nature-friendly cleaning products”.

It is very important that to preserve the nature while camping . Applying that habit to our entire life is our human duty. Let’s be careful for leaving more beautiful world to the future, not to steal anybody’s oxygen, not to be in our children’s debt.

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