Places to Camp in Istanbul | Istanbul Camping Sites

Places to Camp in Istanbul | Istanbul Camping Sites

Do you live in Istanbul and get tired of the crowd? Do you want to spend both time in nature and easily reach your downtown home without Sunday traffic? Then close this page immediately, because there is no such place. I’m kidding, of course there are places like that. I just wanted to make a joke, thinking it might be fun to make (I think I am a bad person sjkda) Anyway, back to our topic; you can get away from the stress of Istanbul without having to go for hours and escape to nature and return to your home on Sunday at any time! Although there are many areas in Istanbul for spending time and camping in natural habitats, many of us unfortunately are not aware of the existence of these areas. Here is exactly why I have prepared a list of places to camp in Istanbul, which I have prepared for nature lovers who want to get out of the city life for a short time and camp. Let’s all take a look at the appropriate camping places in Istanbul.

Where to Camp in Istanbul?

Camp at Hacıllı Falls

“Hacıllı Falls”, located in the Hacıllıi village of Şile, is one of the places where you can feel the nature without having to get too far from the city. In this area, you can camp on the edge of a stream among the greenery. In this area, which is an average of 2 hours away from Istanbul city center, you can make nature discoveries and enjoy swimming in the creek.

Places to Camp in Istanbul

Camp at Sahilköy

Şile is another of Istanbul’s greatest blessings for those who want to camp. Sahilköy is an advanced place where you can experience camping experience in a safe area. The camp sites here are connected to the facility called Sahil Camp Istanbul. There are two different camping areas by the sea and in the forest. There are many possibilities as it is a facility. If you say “let me camp but not too hard”, you can choose this place among the places to camp in Istanbul.

Places to Camp in Istanbul

Camp in Agva Kilimli Bay

With its calm bays, green areas where you have the opportunity to breathe fresh air, Agva is one of the most beautiful places to camp. Especially “Kilimli Bay”, “Seferoğulları camping” and “Green Park” are among the ideal campsites of this region. You can taste the camping experience in these places with different facilities according to your preference.

Of course, before visiting campsites in this area, you should carefully decide what to expect from the camp. For example, if you want to be in quiet places, it may be better for you to stay away from these areas, especially in summer.

Places to Camp in Istanbul

Camping Areas in Polonezköy

Polonezköy, which attracts many visitors with its proximity to Istanbul city center, is another place that makes you feel Green. Suitable for camping with an in-forest hiking trail and tent setting areas. But it would be more ideal to choose this place on weekdays to stay away from the crowd since it’s not suitable for listening to the crowd at the weekend and enjoying the camp.

Places to Camp in Istanbul

Camp Grounds in Kumköy

Kumköy Kilyos, located in Sarıyer in Istanbul, is an ideal place for camping. If you are looking for a beautiful camping area by the sea, it should be on your preference list. Having businesses where you can meet your basic needs is a big advantage, while overcrowding and some businesses asking for fees for camping can make you uncomfortable. If you want a lively, fun camp among the places to camp in Istanbul, you can choose this place, especially during the festival periods.

Click here to see campsites near Istanbul.

I hope this article will be useful for those who live in Istanbul. If you haven’t camped before and want to experience what it’s like, these campsites will help you a lot. I wish you a pleasant camp in advance!

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