What are the benefits of hammock?

What are the benefits of hammock?

Both in my camping times and and in city life, in all stages of my life, there is something I always emphasize: Get yourself a nice hammock! I do this because I know that hammock is the least expensive and most quick tool for the spiritual comfort. Have you ever thought that there might be benefits of sleeping or swinging on a hammock? I’m talking about the physcial benefits rather than the spiritual comfort. If you’ve never thought about it, I can assure you that research agrees on the benefits of laying on a properly installed hammock which has been designed to sleep on. I seem to hear you say “What could be the benefit of a hammock anyway?” so I’ll tell you the benefits that you couldn’t guess. All in all, thousands of years, humans didn’t use hammocks for no reason, right? Here are the benefits of hammock

Benefits of hammock which you don’t know

benefits of hammock

Laying on hammock reduces stress

Wherever we go, whatever we do, stress is a part of our lives. In our lives in which we feel the stress intensely, it may be seen as a luxury to stay away from it. Luckily, it’s not a luxury to blow off some steam! One of the proven benefits of hammock is that it helps us get rid of the stress quickly. Meaning, if you like to get over the negative energy of a fast and busy day, swinging on a hammock is a great solution.

Sleeping on hammock is healthier!

Studies contucted assert that sleeping on a properly set up hammock is healthier than sleeping on a normal bed. Your position on hammock plays an important role here. A sleep position in which the head is on a higher ground is far better in terms of blood circulation and breathing. The result is a more comfortable sleep. It’s obvious that there is a reason why the natives preffered sleeping on hammock instead of a flat ground thousands of years ago.

benefits of hammock

Sleeping on hammock improves your sleep quality

According to a research published in 2011, people who sleeps on a softly swinging ground, like hammock, drift into a deeper sleep in a shorter time compared to the ones who sleep without swinging. That also explains why babies drift into sleep more easily while swinging softly. (It is said that babies fall asleep easily while swinging because they feel like they are in their mother’s womb.)

In addition, sleeping on hammock provides a more comfort sleep as there are not much contact between the body and the ground to apply pressure each other. (referred as “zero-pressure point” in literature)

Improves blood circulation

When you lie on a hammock, considering your position, your upper body would be left below. Thus, your blood circulation would be affected positively. Improving your blood circulation results in detoxificaitons, reduction of stress and even skin rejuvenation. Though I’m not sure what happens if you swing on hammock just to get more beautiful, but the inreasing happiness will be written all over your face in the long run.

benefits of hammock

Good for myalgia

Even though there is no clear proof that hammock is good for myalgia, it is claimed that hammock does good for muscle and joint pains since there is no pressure applied on the body and since the position on hammock is appropriate for relaxation of muscles. As a person who often sleeps on hammock, I’ve never experienced the opposite. Even if it’s not a cure, at least it won’t cause any pain for sure.

Affects concentration positively

Swinging on hammock stimulates prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that is responsible for concentration. Therefore, your concentration increases and success is guaranted. In other words, swinging on hammock can be claimed as a good step on the way of a successful life.

You go to wonderful places to swing on hammock

If you haven’t built a system to install a hammock in your house yet, you’ll need to go out and spend the time in nature when you want to swing on a hammock. In addition to the fact that spending time out of your house is better than staying at home, you have to go to places where there are trees around to set up your hammock. Thanks to this, you can explore beautiful places in nature and have a good time. How bad could a wooded place possibly be?

Deciding on the right hammock is extremely important

Of course, all the benefits I’ve listed above was for the right hammock. If you want the detailed information on how to find the right hammock, you can take a look at “Things to consider while chosing your hammock” post. (It will be posted soon)

Click here and take a look at tips to sleep well in a hammock.

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  • Džangir Kolar
    12 September 2020, 08:57

    I enjoyed hammock very much, but with hernyia I can’t do it anymore. So it is not good if you have a bad back

    • Melke@Džangir Kolar
      12 September 2020, 12:58

      Oh, I am happy to hear you enjoyed the hammock but sad to hear you have hernyia. :/ Have you tried to set it flatter and lay on diagonol?


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