Tips for sleeping well in a hammock

Tips for sleeping well in a hammock

The hammock is unfortunately not a well-known equipment in my country. It is not usually thought that it could be used instead of camping tent for sleeping. Because hammock is mostly considered as a pleasure. But let’s not be unfair, the hammock usage becomes popular in recent years even if it accelarates gently. Today, it is a fact that swinging in a hammock has benefits but that benefits only go for well installed hammocks. Because of this reason I wanted to write down everything you need to know. Here you can find the tips for sleeping well in a hammock in this article.

But first of all, it is very important to understand that all of us are different from each other. Because the way we enjoy life is unique, the answer to the question of how to relax in the hammock is up to our own experiences. In other word there are no certain rules for that. So in this articleI I am going to mention about most common mistakes when setting up hammocks and how the most comfortable installation should be.

Sleeping well in a hammock is a thing!

Choosing The Right Hammock Is Important For Sleeping Well In A Hammock

It is quite important to chose the right product like how everything is. I would like to emphasize the importance of choosing the right hammock when the subject is to sleep comfortably. The hammock must be designed for sleeping and must be made from qualified materials. If you don’t know what to look for when choosing the right hammock, you can take a look at the Things to Consider While Choosing a Hammock article.

Common Mistakes When Hanging the Hammock

If you are using a hammock like the Ticket To The Moon hammock which I’m using or if you are using sling links similar to mines, it is not possible to make a mistake. Because when you can set up your hammock with pratical links in few minutes without a knot. In the case of not liking the hammock’s sitting comfort, you can easily elongate by using the loops in slings. In other word, there is no way to make mistake with professional hammocks. The things you need to pay attention to sleep comfortably in the hammock are mainly for other hammocks.

Ground Clearance

When you are setting up your hammock, it is important to be careful about ground clearance which should be 40 cm when it is loaded. There is no need to talk about rubbing on the ground or getting damaged by thorns, stones or etc. Also, if you do not want to be disturbed by animals while sleeping, you can set your hammock up to ground clearance that animals can’t reach.

Adjusting The Tension Of Hammock Correctly

Adjusting the tension of hammock correctly is another fact that needs to be done to sleep comfortably. Your body is the actual decision-maker for hammock’s tension. But we also know that your body has some comfort limits. So you can guess the confort level without trying it. When your hammock is installed, it should not be curved too much. Besides, having a stretched hammock prevents you from sleeping comfortably either. Even If you don’t notice the effect of this short-term usage, it is possible to have a backache or neck ache in the morning.

If you set up the hammock more loosely than it should be, you may find yourself into a meaningless yoga position. As your legs will stand uphead more than necessary, your head and neck cannot be comfortable. However, it is always better to setting the hammock loose rather than too stretched. Because when you sit hammock that too stretched, you will feel unnecessary pressure from hammock’s centre part of your body. As soon as you lie in the hammock, left and right walls of the hammock will be extremely tense. It will wrap you from both sides and leave you inside. Unless you press them down with your hands they will continue to stand like that. Evenly, the inner area of your hammock becomes narrower.

tips for sleeping well in a hammock

What is the Right Hammock Angle?

When you set up your hammock at the right angle, the middle remains the most stretched part while the heads remain loose. You won’t feel extra pressure in any part of your body when you lie down into hammock. Hammock’s side walls won’t stretched too much. You can put your arms together easily. Side walls of hammock will stretch as felt relaxed. So you don’t need to use extra power. Even if you are not sure what is the right angle, you will understand it after few uses for sure.

Is It Possible to Lie Flat in the Hammock?

You may think it is not possible to lie flat in the hammock because of curly form of it. This thought isn’t quite right. If you are curious about how to lie flat in the hammock, let’s try to imagine. Firstly, we are lying as in the normal position at the centre of hammock. After that we are moving our legs forward like 20-30 cm to one side of hammock. When we are doing this, we will do the same thing with our upper body to opposite side. An here you go! We are having a flat lie position. It’s that easy to lie flat in the hammock.

You can be sure that you will have best sleep in the world when you choose the right hammock and set it right. Once you’ve had the pleasure of sleeping in fresh air, I can bet you won’t want to sleep indoor areas anymore. You can think to use tarp and mosquito net for increasing your comfort. I wish you a pleasant sleep already!

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