From the day I changed my life to today, I have been sharing everything about what I did and how, what I learned in that period of time, all of my experiences and what I believe in this blog. You may find not only general information but also all of the diaries which are personal and are about my experiences during this very particular time of my life.

Traveling around the world, seeing unexplored places and getting know different kinds of cultures are everyone’s dream. I started my world tour of my dreams by quitting my job on October ’16

My first trip started from Turkey and ended in Thailand. This short Asia tour lasted 11 months. I travelled by bike involving Turkey, Iran, India, Thailand, Malaysia.  Through my tour, I found a chance to create an extensive travel guides and to learn more detailed information about other people’s life and country’s cultures. I stayed in Turkey for 1 month, in Iran for 3 months, in India for 5 months and in Thailand for a month. Still, I am trying to make short trips to the near countries. I keep informing people who follow me and curious about the places I went through all of my trips.

These days, I keep producing contents both on my blog and on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I am also a nature lover who likes to camp, sleep in a hammock and be in touch with animals. Traveling to my own world’s unknown places is another important journey that I am working on.

I share all general info about everything on this blog.