Beypazarı Guide : The Sultan On The Green Route

Beypazarı Guide : The Sultan On The Green Route

If you are a bike traveller and planning to cycle in Turkey there is an awesome route for you: A Green Route! It starts from Bilecik and goes till Beypazarı. A perfect route to feel the nature. Here is a Beypazari guide a very lovely and small place to visit.


As known by our followers, our route from Istanbul to Ankara is as follows: Istanbul–Yalova–Orhangazi-Iznik-Yenisehir-Bilecik-Kure-Inhisar-Mihalgazi-Beypazari-Ankara. The Route between Bilecik and Ankara is called “Green Route” and you can find perfect views there.


(Some of the information below has been taken from the brochure published by Municipality of Beypazari.)

Beypazari has a rich life with its historic homes, vibrant streets reflecting the concept of streets, the historic bazaar, where commercial activity still continues, its markets drawing visitors from surrounding settlements of all sizes, and conserved natural beauties. You can find detailed info from Beypazarı guide article.





The City History Museum: Models and artifacts pertaining to all ages and works and documents related to all ages are being exhibited here.

Museum of History and Culture: Artifacts reflecting the cultural characteristics and historical past of Beypazarı and various historic artifacts from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods are being exhibited in the museum.

Living Museum: Historic articles and finest examples of Bindallı are being exhibited.

Community Center and Cahide Gürsoy Museum: The place serves for photo exhibitions, seminars and various organizations.

Turkish Bath Museum: It was a Turkish Bath back then. It is currently being used as a museum reflecting Turkish Bath traditions.

Nature House (The Nature Foundation): Information and guidance is provided on where the natural habitats of flora and fauna are located and when and how they can be seen.



Suluhan is a caravanserai, which can be found in the bazaar and built in 17th Century. It was renovated and now there are rooms, shops and marketplace in the han. There is also a beautiful restaurant cafe in the yard- we highly recommend you to have a dinner in the restaurant.


beypazari guide

The Inozu Valley is situated in the north of Beypazari. Inozu Valley is an important archeological area and there are also 100 bird species live in the valley. There are many caves, tombs and churches carved into the rock. According to information provided by local resident it is possible to go on a trekking in the valley and there are some local people who guide people.

Factory of Beypazari mineral water is located in the valley too. Mineral water spring is in the area. For your information, Beypazari is one of the most famous mineral water brands in Turkey.



According to the brochure you are able to view the prominent urban fabric with historic mansions and natural beauty from the hill overlooking all areas of the district. However we couldn’t have a chance to visit Hidirlik Hill since it was under construction.

beypazari guide


You should definitely visit “Fatma Teyzenin Yeri” to taste their delicious Gözleme, 80 Layer Baklava and Sarma (Stuffed Vine Leaves). Gözleme is a kind of pastry that you should try before you die. We assume you already know regular Baklava but this one is a little bit bigger and two times thicker that the original one and tastes different.

You should also try Buttery Dip Biscuit. Original name of the biscuit is “Beypazari Kurusu” and is only produced in Beypazari. It is a great snack best match with tea. It contains butter, cinnamon, milk, salt, flour.

We highly recommend carrot juice which can be easily found anywhere in the bazaar. Beypazari provides most of the carrot need of Turkey. This is also the main reason you see carrots all around the district.




We stayed in Kayiboyu Hotel for two days and had great experience thanks to friendly staff. Hotel is situated in the town center of Beypazari and offers 24-hour front desk service, free breakfast and rooms with free Wi-Fi. The rooms are equipped with a TV, heating and a telephone. They all have a private bathroom with a shower, toilet and a hairdryer. Free toiletries are also included. Breakfast is served as an open buffet in the morning. Hotel is completely clean and comfy.

Space for bicycles: The most important thing for cyclists, there is an extra safe space for bicycles in the entrance of the hotel and you are allowed to take your bicycle into your room if you want to.

The nearest bus station is 300 m away. Ankara Esenboga International Airport is 125 km from the hotel.



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