Bicycle routes

The bicycle travelling is a newly developing issue in Turkey. However, it is one of the most interesting travelling types in recent times. By becoming widespread and as one of the means of transportation,studies on bicycle travelling has gained momentum in Turkey. Serious steps are also taken for the establishment of associations and infrastructure works. There are lots of new bicycle routes in the cities and in nature.

In this way, more people are being encouraged to do a bicycle travelling in every day. Besides, Information sharing about bicyle route is increasing considerably. There are some beautiful routes that probably make your travels easier and happier. It is good to share information related to these approved routes.

In addition to all its benefits to nature and human beings, the bicycle travelling is an extremely convenient way of travelling for those who do low-budget tours. Since most of the transportation is provided by bicycle, without needing extra budget for transportation is one of the biggest advantagefor low-budget travelers.

The bike also brings with its countless benefits. Reasons such as not polluting nature, providing the opportunity to capture each detail and being able to do sports every day are also factors that make bike more preferable.

Bicycle Routes that I’ve used

On this page; I compile detailed information about my travels by bike and the bicycle routes that I used. I’ve only travelled in Turkey, Iran and India by bike. Because of this most of the routes are in Turkey, Iran and India.