Funny things that can only happen in India

Funny things that can only happen in India

If you have always heard negative things about India, just have a look at funny things that can only happen in India. These things will change your mind and prove that how sympathetic India actually is. I am not sure what you read will convince you to go to India, but if you have a small thought as “Should I go there?” I think you should definitely use that opportunity to go to this colorful awesome country. Let’s have a look at the funny things about India

We do not understand Englisch

Have you ever met with someone whose native language is Indian and speaking English? If your answer is no, it is so normal that you to give an error, trying to understand what they are saying. Don’t let me be misunderstood, they are perfect English speakers. Their accent just makes to understand their words. Even though you talk in the same language, you may never understand what they say. At once I was at the weeding in a church, it took half hour me to understand the priest was talking in English in the sermon in fact.

Shaking head Rituel

If you are watching Indian TV series, you may be familiar with shaking head reflex, a national move pertained to India. There is an unusual surprise waiting for those who don’t watch Indian TV series. I am sure that it has not been seen anywhere else in the world people shake their heads with the same rhythm. That shake can mean different things for them up to the condition of concrete case. But let’s see, will you be able to understand that difference?

funny things that can only happen in India

Excuse me sir, do you have moment to take a selfie?

To take a selfie with tourists is the main of what Indian people loves most. Especially, if you are a light-skinned and colored-eyed woman, be ready for running from one selfie to another. If you have ever dreamed about to feel like a famous person at least in a period of your life, India is the most correct place for you. By the way, you don’t need to exaggerate your clothing. Have no doubt about you will be very popular even with your casual clothes.

Being exposed to different kinds of recycling techniques

While you are walking on the India streets, if you shrink your plastic bottles, locals may react you. Because in this country which does not recycle collectively, the only way of these plastic bottles to be reutilized is leaving them on the street in order to be found by who needs them, or granting them to sugar cane juice sellers.

Hitchhiking to a taxi

If you would like to hitch hike in India, first you need to assure drivers about that you do not want to get in a taxi. I do not know why, but people here somehow do not want to accept the truth of that tourists hitchhike. You made it very clear that you are hitchhiking, but it didn’t finish yet. I strongly recommend that read the article “Hitchhiking in India” to minimize the possibility of that somebody demands money after you have gone for kilometers.

funny things that can only happen in India

Okay, let’s say dirty, but for who?

You must have heard how dirty India is from 18 out of every 10 people who have gone to India. They don’t reject that anyway. But for who it is dirty? For example, I say it’s dirty for us.

To find out a train ticket you paid may not exist

In India the fastest and easiest transportation is the railway and you may get the shock of your life when you arrive at the train station and learn your train ticket you paid for doesn’t exist. While you are living that shock, booking clerk may just shake his/her head instead of offering an alternative solution. The numerical difference between the number of train tickets sold and the number of people want to buy train tickets may cause this kind of incidents. For this reason, it is beneficial to be careful while buying a train ticket. Remember to look at the article “Advices for those who will travel by train in India” before you get on the train in India.

Attention for environmentalists

If you are an environmentalist, doing your best to protect the ecosystem and your eye start to twitch when you see plastic bottles and packaging waste on the ground, the city centers in India may not be right places for you. The villages can be considered cleaner than the city centers. But still, in the villages, trash are thrown to the trash hills placed away from the villages. So, in any case you may find something to make your eye twitched. Keep in your mind, don’t go mad. It is a daily thing for them.

funny things that can only happen in India

Where will they defecate?

Another funny things that can only happen in India is their comfortableness about meeting the need of using toilet. It is normal and possible to see people who urinates in public and defecates on the street. You will be get used to this scene and pee smell on the street in a few weeks in the country where most of the population -sadly- do not have access to the toilet. But surely it will take more time to understand why these people have no access to the toilet…

funny things that can only happen in India

To get lost in the insolvable problems

Another thing you will often hear from the people who have gone to India will be most probably various stories about that people cannot take initiatives. A lot of tourists say that this is based on occupations and exploitations Indian culture was exposed to. I do not know how far its root goes but do not expect your problem to be solved in a short time. Be ready for telling your problem 10 people separately, all of them to shake their heads and talk with others among themselves in their own language and them to look back to you, shake their heads, make no explanation. Problems are solved generally after 17. person. Of course if you can protect your mental health until that time.

funny things that can only happen in India

That moment you understand no-spicy meal perception is relative

You know that meals to be no-spicy is a rule, to be spicy is an exception in our country. So, you don’t expect your meal to be served spicy to your table. Therefore, when you order a food, you don’t say your food to be no-spicy. If you like to have spicy one, you should tell that “Mine will be spicy please”. But in India things are just the opposite. If you don’t say the opposite, almost all of the meals will deliver to your plate spicy. Even it is quite possible, food you especially emphasized to be no-spicy will probably be spicy for you.

Hindistan'da başınıza gelebilecek

You may run but you cannot hide from Delhi belly

I do not know have you ever heard “DELHI BELLY” saying before, but it is a case that can happen to you only in India which is not as cute as its name. There is a statement in India: “Every tourist will have his/her share of Delhi Belly at least for once”. There is no way to be an exception of that. Well, you say “What is this Delhi Belly?” don’t you? I will tell right now: DIARRHEA. Yes, Diarrhea, as we know. If you think like “How can I protect myself?” you may look at the article “Things to consider when going to India”. Delhi Belly is not one of the funniest things that may will happen to you, but it will certainly make everybody smile who know you got your share from this.

Hindistan'da başınıza gelebilecek

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