Traveling around the world, seeing unexplored places and getting know different kinds of cultures are everyone’s dream. I started my world tour in my dreams by quitting  from my job on October '16 and in this category, I am trying to tell about the countries I've been during my travels. First, I made an Asia tour by bike involving Turkey, Iran, India, Thailand, Malaysia and it lasted for 11 months. Through my tour, I found a chance to create an extensive travel guide and to know more detailed information about other people's life and country’s cultures by staying in Turkey for 1 month, in Iran for 3 months, in India for 5 months and in Thailand for a month. Still, I am trying to create short trips to the near countries. I keep informing people who follow me and curious about the places I went through all of my trips. These days, I keep producing contents and sharing to provide benefits to people on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I am also a nature lover who likes to camp, sleep in a hammock and be in touch with animals. Traveling to my own world’s unknown places is another important journey that I am working on. You can read the information related to countries I have been and what I had been through in those countries.

  • Iranian woman mahsa torah

    A woman who made a difference: Mahsa Torabi

    In fact this interview was meant to be special for International Women Day but due to some technical problems I couldn’t publish it. There is an Iranian woman Mahsa Torabi who I would be happy to talk about. A woman who contribute to make the world a little better. When Iran hosted its first marathon called “I Run Iran”, women were not…

  • Iran

    Tabriz , Iran

    Tabriz is one of the beautiful cities in Iran with its lovely people. If you are willing to visit this city and don’t know where to visit in Tabriz check out. TRANSPORTATION Tabriz is a small and tidy city. Since most of the touristic places, cafes, museums are in the center and close to eachother it is pretty easy to…