Biggest problem of today’s society is surplus consumption and desire to own unnecessary products. Our unconscious habits may not have affected the planet yet. But we know that all these habits are going to affect our future more and more. Because of this reason changing our personal habits is the basis of providing advantage the world in many ways. However, it is very important that producers act in accordance with this situation as well as individuals. In short, everyone should do their part. Miss Cosmopolita is one of those who strive to create a sustainable future. Let’s see what Miss Cosmopolita Sustainable Bikini Transformer means.

Miss Cosmopolita Sustainable Bikini Transformer

Miss Cosmopolita, Sustainable Bikini Transformer aims to let you have a sustainable holiday suitcase. This bikini transformer offers customers a bikini that they can create new looks and change in different ways. You can build your own bikini set by choosing parts that you like: bases, cups, straps, bottoms. You don’t need to buy new bikinis, you can add new looks to your swimwear with additional parts. One bikini gives different bikini looks which is pretty smart concept.

Miss Cosmopolita Sustainable Bikini Transformer

It is made from recycled fabric

Miss Cosmopolita swimwear is made from ultra-resistant Italian fabrics which are recycled yarn. The yarn produced from regenerated nylon, such as reclaimed fishnets, carpets and other nylon waste. Another good part is they also use digital printing to reduce the footprint and to improve the longevity of the product.

You can design your own bikini

This bikini transformer concept lets you to choose how your bikini look like. You can choose additional parts such as bases, cups, straps, bottoms and colors. It seems unbelievable but some styles have more than 26 ways to wear!

Miss Cosmopolita Sustainable Bikini Transformer

Light packing makes it easy to travel

If you are traveling a lot then this bikini is definitely what you need. You can carry more than one bikini with you to everywhere easily. You can save up place in your suitcase and still have  different bikinis.

Miss Cosmopolita Sustainable Bikini Transformer is now on Kickstarter!

If you’d like to design your own bikini check Kickstarter campaign. There are lots of fun video and concept descriptions. Click here to learn more or make a pledge on Kickstarter.

Miss Cosmopolita Sustainable Bikini Transformer


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