Earn more money with Airbnb |10 Great Tips

Earn more money with Airbnb |10 Great Tips

After you start renting out your house or some part of your house with Airbnb, you need to make a few arrangements to earn more income. (If you haven’t sign up for Airbnb yet, you can start with reading this article.) As a long term Airbnb user I am happy to give you some tips on gaining more income. Probably, there will be many people that rent out their houses in your city, even in your neighborhood. Thanks to the features that make your house different from other houses, it is very easy to increase your income from Airbnb. Here are some tips about how to earn more money with Airbnb .

You can earn more money with Airbnb

To make your house more preferable than other houses is up to you. For that, you need a little bit more than the tips that Airbnb gives. You can make your house more preferable by making a little change.

Private Areas for Guests

The houses which have private areas for only guests to use are more likely to be preferred than the others. If you are renting out a private room for your guests, it means you have an advantage over the hosts that rent out common rooms. Not only the private room but also private bathroom and toilet are criteria for being preferred.

Highlighting the Different Parts

Earn more money with Airbnb

If your house has features like garden, balcony, terrace or pool that make it different from other houses, be sure to state them and bring these features into the forefront in the photographs.

Comfort and Ease

Providing your guests the opportunity to make them feel at home will bring you to the first place among the options. For example, if you have enough space in the private guest rooms except the fundamental objects such as bed and nightstand, adding a few things like sofa, table, chairs, bin, mirror or a coat rack will increase the comfort in the area.

Posting Title

The title which is permitted to be only 50 characters, will be the first thing that people will see while they are searching. Because of that, it is better for you to write the most important thing that makes your house different as a title. For instance, if your place is near to the airport, you can write “Private room 5 minutes away from airport”. You can also write a title like “Private room 2 minutes away from Taksim” if your place is near to the central places which will affect the tourists’ decisions.  Also, you can add features to the title that you think guests will be interested in. To exemplify, you can create a title like “Private room 2 minutes to Taksim+wifi+breakfast” or “Bosphorus view room”. In this way, you will be favoured more.

Explanations and Clearness

It is very important that your statements describe the house as good and right as possible. Pay attention to write explanations that guests can easily understand and imagine your house and your neighbourhood by reading them.

Taking Good Photographs for Airbnb

Earn more money with Airbnb

It is very important to have photos that truly represent your place in order to gain more income from Airbnb. If you are asking to yourself how important the photos are, I can say that the photos make a huge role in this. If your photos are clear and light, it will create a warm sensation. So that, try to take your photos in the daylight with adjusted camera settings. Choose to display your whole house in the photographs instead of showing only the room, bathroom and the toilet. This way, guests can imagine the house and the possibility of your house to be preferred will be improved.

Don’t forget to take the same place’s photos from different perspectives. Make sure that your plants or elegant decors are shown in the photos.

Positive Reviews

The positive reviews that you take will increase the possibility of your house to be chosen. Therefore, try hard to get positive reviews. Keep your place clean, make sure that you fulfil the guests’ need, socialize with them, show respect, smile and help to them.

Write the reviews of your guests in time after their check-out. That way, your guests will write their reviews back in a short time. Feel free to warn the guests with the proper attitude if they don’t write the reviews.


Instant Reservation

Adding the “instant reservation” to your post will help you to get more reservations. But it also means that you may get so many last-minute reservations. So, keep that in mind when you are adding the instant reservation. Another thing is that, Airbnb applies the standard procedures unless you state otherwise. The users whose e-mail addresses, phone numbers and patterns of payment are confirmed can make instant reservations. This means the people who have just opened their accounts and don’t have any profile photos or explanations in their profile can also make reservations to rent your house. Airbnb allows you to add extra requirements. You can set conditions for the quests that will make instant reservations to get their passport information confirmed or to get positive reviews from their previous hosts. I strongly recommend you to add extra requirements.

Choosing the Suitable Price

Choosing the price right for your place is one of the biggest factors for your house to be preferred. Neither too cheap nor too expensive prices will help you to gain more income. So, detect the price considering the options that you offer and the prices of the posts that are similar to yours. You can also activate the Smart Pricing to allow the system to decide for you automatically.

Offering weekly or monthly discounts may help you to make your place more preferable. You can guarantee being preferred more with these discounts especially if it’s not possible for you to fill all the days in a month.

Less Rejection

Rejecting too many reservation requests will affect your place in the ranking negatively. So, you need to decrease the number of the reservations that you reject. Be sure that your explanations are very clear. This way, only the users who meet your requirements will send you their reservation requests. It won’t be necessary for you to deal with the others anymore. Keep your calendar updated and remove the days that you aren’t available in order not to reject any reservation requests.

As you can see there is an opportunity to earn more money with Airbnb Join Airbnb and start earn money now!

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