Free accommodation tips for travelers

Free accommodation tips for travelers

For the ones who has been traveling with low budget like I do one of the most important thing is to find somewhere secure for accommodation. In the below, I tell more about methods and applications that I use when I am travelling and I tried to explain banausic informations that I learn while I am traveling. Here you can find free accommodation tips that may help you to reduce your expenses while traveling.

Cost Free Accomodation Tips While Travelling


free accommodation tips

Paid camping areas serve with affordable prices but, unfortunately, it is not possible to find them everywhere. I usually talk with locals to find safer places when I am camping in my trips. According to the situation, I follow their routings. Most of the time, they route me to mosque cortyards, village squares or one their gap’s yards. If I am not in an appropriate place for camping, I ask for permission from gas stations to set my tent up. Thus, I do not worry due to security cameras and I have a chance to find electricity, toilet and market  24/7.


One of the most prefered free accommodation tips include couchsurfing for sure! Coushsurfing is a web page and also an application that people share their homes for accommodation for free. Signing up to the website is quite easy.  The website’s language is English and the language is being used in general. While you are signing up, you are demanded to share some informations about you and your home, which will be seen in your profile. You need to share some personal information about the opportunities that your guest can access, where your guest can stay, your interests, why you are using Couchsurfing and your contact information etc.

Writing your phone number and and your address details makes you more trustful. Also, you can verify your account for a small amount of money but it does not affect your usage completely. You do not need to do it in order to use Couchsurfing but there is a daily request limit. The references you get, already, more important for trust when you host someone or when you are hosted by someone.

How To Find A Host In Couchsurfing

free accommodation tips couch surfing find host

There are “I can host a guest””I might host a guest”or “I can not host a guest” choices in your profile. You can choose the appropriate one for yourself. If you are not going to host someone, your name will not appear on the searching page in your location.

When you are going to visit a place, you can reach people who are available to host people from “find a host” section by writing the name of the city and the country. You can send messages to these people and request accommodation by picking the date you want.

How To Send A Request In Couchsurfing

free accommodation tips

They have a well-considered comment system for security. There are three types of references; “references that come from guests”,“references that come from hosts” and “personal references”. The system sends you a notification to write about your accommodation experience in the end of your accommodation.

With this notification, you are asked to write a reference that includes your positive or negative experience for the person you hosted or the one you are being hosted by. Other party is demanded to write a reference until the date which is selected by the system. When the other party do it, the system automatically shows the comments in both of you and other party’s profile in the same time. If the other person does not write a reference, only your comment can be seen in their profile. These types of references are categorised as a”references that come from guests” or as a “references that come from host”.

How To Write A Reference In Couchsurfing

Apart from that, if your friends write you references without sending you a accommodation request, these types of references are categorized as a “personal references”.

How To Ask For A Reference In Couchsurfing

You can ask for a reference by going to the user’s profile from whom you want a reference and by clicking the section called “reguest a reference”.

How To Edit A Reference In Couchsurfing

Unfortunately, you do not have a chance to edit, delete or interfere in references. If you write an incorrect comment, you can get in touch with compenents. Ask for their help perchance  by saying that you want to correct your comment.

Couchsurfing app

You can get an access by downloading the IOS and Android application in mobile devices.


Warmshowers is an accommodation website which was created for bikers and it is all for free. You know that you can confide your bicycles safely in advance due to the fact that it is for bikers. Contrary situations is especially indicated in user’s profiles, also.

Signing up is very easy. The website has even the Turkish language but, of course, English is being used for communication. The comment system is not as much extensive as the Couchdurfing has. You are not able to interfere in other’s comments which was written for you in any ways. In contradistinction to the Couchsurfing, you can edit and delete the comment that you wrote to others. Also, you can write comments like in the picture and add pictures.

One of the best side of Warmshower is that people are marking their home’s location on the map. Many users share their phone numbers in their profiles as well. Thus, you can see near Warmshower users and communicate with them easily.

The Important Information About Accommodation While Traveling

When you want to sign up one of the website above, you really need to be careful about some spesific points. I did not witness directly but I have heard from my friends that some people who are supplying free accommodation, show negative actions with arrogance. Supplying free accommodation does not give someone the right of behaving unjustly to anyone. Please be avare of that these free accommodation tips are only for travelers who respect others.

You should necessarily share short information about yourself so that people know who they are speaking to. If it is possible, you should share some pictures of yourself and your house.

If you want to be a host, you should be sure that you define information in a clear, correct and understandable way about your home so that no one misunderstand the home’s status. I already have couple of things to share with you. It will be mutually beneficial to know that whether your guest will use the refrigerator, they take a shower in your home, there is a wi-fi connection in your home, they will wash the dishes etc. and the distance to public transportations and where the place they are going to stay in advance. You should predetermine that whether you find risky that your guests will be in your home when you are not at home or, in contrast, if you can easily give them your keys or not.

Details are Important!

If you are a Warmshower user but if you do not have a place for bicycles, point it out please.

After accepting someone’s request do not change your mind unless there is something important.  If there is going to be some changes in your plan, you ought to let them know quite before their arriving date as much as possible. You should even help them to find other places to stay.

If you will put up in someone’s home, please focus on their rules and do not break the rules as much as possible. You should absolutely ask them to stay in their home if it is not a problem when they are away. Thus, you would not run into a problem.

All of them are up to you, for sure. Do not forget that these people will share references about the experiences they had with you in your profile. The more good references the better opportunities you will get when you will be in other countries.

Cheap Paid Accommodations

As an addition to free accommodation tips I would like to give you some information related to paid but still cheap acommodations. Because it is not always possible to find free accommodation. There are some paid services which are still cheaper than booking a hotel room.


Airbnb, briefly, is an application which provides a home or a room to rent for travelers. So, you need to pay for accommodation differently from the Warmshowers and the Couchsurfing. Yet, I can say that it is a better choice to use airbnb rather than to stay in a hotel or hostels. For further informations, please click here.


They are places that serve almost the same possiblities like hotels. Mostly give you shared rooms and they are cheaper than hotels. Although the idea of sharing a room with someone does not seem to be a good idea, putting up in hostels is being choosed by a lot of people due to its cheaper prices. Their prices are too cheap especially if you are alone. If you are more than a person, third class hostels can be seen cheaper due to the fact that they offer a room price not a personal price. Also, you need to take care of your personal belongings’ security more than ever.

Applications And WebsitedsYou Can Use To Find Hotels And Hostels

Well, if you couldn’t have a chance to find a host following free accommodation tips given above then you should need to find somewhere else. You can use the applications specified below to find cheap places to stay. Most of these apps gives you the opportunity to compere places so that you can find a place where is affordable for your budget.



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